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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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mcarvin • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
Back in July 2005, we had a significant flesh fly infestation for 11 days. Flesh files come from dead animal matter, so we believe there was an animal that died in or around the kitchen wall. It's well-known that a variety of animals like squirrels and raccoons chew their way in to the walls via the roof and soffets.<br><br>The maintenance and management of Millbridge Apartments showed next to no concern for this, saying that "flies are a normal household pest". We had gone through a whole can of bug spray in less than a week and even had to spend the night at my mother-in-laws during this situation. Eventually, I did go into the office and make it very clear that action needed to be taken immediately after my wife called me in tears over the problem. <br><br>When Management finally saw fit to take action, the Property Manager sent the Maintenance Manager and the exterminator over to seal up the various holes in the roof and soffet. The exterminator told us about what kind of flies these were, and that confirmed our suspicions Later that day, the Maintenance Manager came out to seal various holes in the roof and soffet. As he was on the roof, I yelled up to him about the possible dead animal. He advised me to stop yelling or he was going to leave. Well, he's on the roof and I'm down below on the balcony - a normal speaking voice wasn't going to be heard. Not that it matters, but he was in the unit below us the day after we reported the issue and refused to come up to assess the situation. If you currently live in Millbridge, you know who I'm talking about.<br><br>Eleven days after the incident started, the Maintenance Manager and exterminator finally came out and sealed up all of the holes in the kitchen. I'm talking about a 3/8" gap in the baseboard, chewed holes under the sink, holes behind the dishwasher, holes behind the refrigerator and a small gap around our ceiling fan in the kitchen. That visit lasted about an hour and took 10 days to happen. The Property Manager blamed the fly infesteation on the celing fan's gap, a statement she's nowhere near qualified to make and is completly unprovable. Oh, and the day we had to call on a Saturday? I was told that the office was NOT open for existing tenants, but only for new leasing. Patently unacceptable behavior and customer service.<br><br>My wife and I did not feel quite right for some time after this incident. Also, we notified the office that we were not renewing our lease and STILL we got a rent bill for October. You'd think these people would have it together, right? We also requested a rent credit and guaranteed security deposit refund at that time. To this day, the office is still giving me the runaround over that.<br><br>In short - find other options unless you enjoy being blown off and blamed for things. You'll be dealing with Management and Maintenance who are only concerned with doing the barest absolute minimum if they do anything at all, and accept no responsibility for anything. And this isn't a one-off problem either - look for my earlier post from Summer 2003 ("Going downhill quickly") concerning no electricity in the bathroom AND no clothes dryer AND no hot water all simultaneously during the summer.<br><br>I mean, if you enjoy being treated poorly, I guess you'll do well here.
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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