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Millbridge Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
me32 • Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2007
I have been here about 4-5 years, and I have seen many changes!!! When we first came to tour, we were told that "Millbridge hasn't raised the rent in 6 yrs., and if they wanted to they have to go before the board and get approvial". Well our rent has gone up EVERY year we've been here. Explaine that!! I do love the spacious layout, and having a washer/dryer in the apt. But the appliances are out dated. My tub (second floor) feels as if its going to fall through to my neighbors apt. When your in the bedroom sitting at the desk (next to the drafty window) your body spins on the swivle chair and rolls almost to the center of the room. I imagen that room will eventualy fall through as well. Hell, My hot water heater almost did!! If maintenance didn't get right out when it blew up, it would have gone right through to the neighbor. Structure wise, this place will eventually be a pile of rubble. When I did ask for something to be fixed I always said NO to them coming in when I wasn't home. Sorry, no stranger is coming in here when I'm not home!! But that IS the only time maintenance EVER came!! And this happened several times! Once I came home to find they had entered to calk the tub. But for some reason someone went into my bedroom!! I know this because they put my cockateal (bird) in his cage. Balls huh!!! Then there was the time I came up the stairs and stepped on a grout scrapper, almost cut my heel. And the best: I called for my kitchen sink leaking, they came (when I wasn't home) and didn't fix it just left a note saying "kitchen sink leaks"! That was the last straw, we changed the locks. I have to admit since the new maintenance guys I really haven't had a prob. But they can't get in on their own either. The one time I did call the new guys they were pretty quick and thro. But I have only had to deal with the spanish guy and the boss (Bill?). Sd for neighbors, I really lucked out. There pretty cool, except for the 50 "some" yr old (who has her G-STRING hanging out) pill popping alcholic downstairs on the end. Yeah ya get alot of that around here!! I have had to call the cops at least 5 times wince summer. Once was a fire set by kids lighting fire crackes in the extra parking lot, then for kids breaking into abandonded cars in the extra parking lot. The rest was neighbor (old & new) related. As for the office, I haven't had to deal with them to much. When I did, I had good and bad mixed results. Would I recommend someone to move here?? As a quick, short term, or last resort maybe. But if your looking for a clean, safe, inexpensive, long term place to live; than Millbridge (Clementon) is not the place to be!!
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Millbridge Gardens Apartments

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