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Overlook at Flanders

77 Oakwood Village #11

Flanders, NJ 07836



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I lived here on 2 different occasions so I must have thought it was a decent place to live or I wouldn't have came back. <br>The walls: are thin and you can hear others, depending on how noisy they are. I live on the bottom floor and can hear my upstair's neighbors voices & them walking around or if they drop something it is very loud due to the hardwood flooring.<br>In the 2 bedroom: the smaller bedroom has poor instalation making the winters cold because ice accumlates on the window inside.<br>The 1 bedroom with den: the den has no closet and has a small kitchen.<br>The laundry rooms: aren't worth the money. The company is a outside business and the machinery doesn't work properly and you lose money. If you call Sebco up they cut you a check for the money you lost that has to be cashed within 30 days- very inconvenent! It's mainly the dryers that have the issue of not working properly. The laundry rooms in Oakwood Vlg are dirty. If you want clean you will have to do it yourself and pray that there are other neighbors who enjoy cleaning.<br>(There is a laundry facility on Rt 206 across from the A&P that is VERY clean. The worker in the morning puts her heart and soul into her work- she takes pride her job).<br>The Business center: ask for Lori who is so sweet, but watch out for Wanda-she knows how to push your buttons. There is a fine of 10% of your rent if you should be late paying it. If you pay online do it by the 4th because it takes 24 hours to process. Rent is due by the 5th- no ecceptions.<br>The maintence: is slow and if you want something fixed then learn how to be very annoying about it. Call everyday if you have to til they acknowledge you or you may be waiting for months or years. See they use post-it notes to write down an order and those are constantly getting lost and so if it gets lost then it doesn't exist. Another thing- for every problem there HAS to be a work order written up. When maintence comes to your apt they will not fix anything that doesn't have a written order-so don't ask them "and by the way could you fix this too?". My advise be nice to the maintaince workers and get to know them and they may be willing to help you out more. If you should get locked out of your apartment the first time is free but any additional time there is a fine so be careful.<br>About the people who live here: The manageagement changes all the time here. Alot of people are moving out this year. I have been noticing a few undesirables moving in their place. There is a registered sex offender living in our mist but for some reason he is not on the njsp.org website anymore. He does overlook a playground up by the leasing office. They say he has the right to live there along with his privacy. There has been a siteing of someone exposing himself. The 2 bus stops that have NJ transit (no bus comes thru here except for school buses) has been broken due to someone trowing a rock and breaking the glass.<br>The street lights: some of them are not working, making some areas very dark at night.<br>Animals to encounter: skunks, wild turkey, condors,chikmunks, groundhogs, raccoons, bears, cats, deer, and various birds-be on guard!<br>The landscaping: there are woods all around the complex ( very pretty!). They take good care of the grounds. <br>The playgrounds: aren't that hot but there are some nice local places within 10-15 minutes away. <br>The elementary school: is great along with the public library. There are qutie a few churches in the area also.<br>The comlplex: has there own recycling center, & tennis court. <br>The swimming pool: you pay extra and so do additional guest- I think 1 guest is free. <br>The Village convience store: the people working there have been known to leave during working hours so it's not always opened when you think.<br>Public transportation: is pretty much non-existant. The closest place is Netcong train staion. <br>Driving: it's hard to turn left out of the complex because Rt 206 is heavily traveled. There are 2 exits out of here. The one closest to the light is a steep hill! The other one is windy and not as steep but hard to see oncomming traffic. My preference is the steep hill because it is the closest to the light and there is a turning lane you can turn into. <br>Going into the complex: If you are comming from Rt. 80 go thru 2 lights and then start looking for a green sign with the names of towns and put on your left turn signal & start slowing down,it comes up quick. From the other direction take the steep hill by the light. <br>Garage: not all aptartment have one and they cost extra.<br>Water: the only thing that is included.<br>Well I hope this has been helpful on your decision-making to live at Oakwood Village or not.<br>
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Overlook at Flanders

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