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Hunterdon Mews



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
There's not too many options for apartments in the Flemington area that aren't frightening. And if you have cats, you're extremely limited.<br><br>So, I ended up here with my fiance for a year. It wasn't worth it. The rent is expensive for what you get (nothing) but that's a pattern in Hunterdon County. The building look nice on the outside, but inside, it's very obvious the management doesn't care about the condition of the apartments (poor repainting & patching, lights that don't work, cracked stairs, doors that don't work right. The windows never opened right, and one fell apart when I tried to open it.<br><br>Safety wise, the neighboring apartment complexes are magnets for crime, which doesn't directly spill over, but doesn't help you feel safe when there's totally inadequate lighting in the parking lots. After being harrassed by the idiots from the neighboring complexes, my fiance refused to go outside at night without me.<br><br>The laundry machines are in the basements, which flood from time to time, and the stairs are hazardous in the winter. There have also been problems with people from the neighboring complexes using them, as the doors are never locked.<br><br>The on-site manager is a nice guy, but doesn't hurry to make repairs. When we moved out after 1 year, a light socket -still- didn't work. When our water froze (a regular occurence, since the water heaters are in the relatively open, relatively uninsulated basement), we were told to deal with it and run our hot water all day (you pay for hot water there). This was besides the fact that it took us 10-15 minutes to get hot water most mornings.<br><br>Also, the one air conditioner in the living room is totally inadequate. Be prepared to buy at least one more for the bedroom, plus several fans, or be prepared to sleep in the living room alot.<br><br>Last, Kreigman & Smith is possibly the LEAST helpful rental agency ever. Assuming you can get a live person, or a call back, their answer is invariably 'we can't do anything about that'.
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Hunterdon Mews

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