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Sun Valley at Florham Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
The apartment looked nice at first. It was once we moved in that we noticed the multiple minor and NOT so minor flaws. The living room ceiling has a significant leak, and all the super did was slap some paint over it. The master bath window leaks whenever we get more than a light shower (the past 9 day deluge that soaked the northeast was TONS of fun). The dishwasher is insufficient, and for that matter all of the appliances are low-end and not very nice. Frankly, I would expect at least midrange appliances for the rent charged. There is NO parking if you come home past 7pm - which I always do. Additionally, there are tenants who believe it is their G-d given right to park anywhere and everywhere, regardless of no-parking zones. There is no insulation from noise or from the cold. The apartments have inadequate airflow. The onsite management varies by the day in terms of their attitude towards the tenants and the offsite company is abysmal to deal with. If you are lucky enough to get an answer, and then even more fortunate to get someone who actually speaks english they are unresponsive and unhelpful. Frankly, the only really good points are the space, in-unit laundry and the fact that pets are accepted. We are looking to move out and buy a place as fast as possible. <br>
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Sun Valley at Florham Park

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