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Sun Valley at Florham Park



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cws33 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I have lived at Sun Valley for about one year. For the most part it has been good. The management promptly (usually the same day) fixes any problems, and we have had few problems. The shuttle to NYC is great. This was the main reason for selecting Sun Valley. However, there are a few of things that the apartment definitely has going against it. <br><br>First, the parking is generally horrendous for two cars. We park one car in our garage and the other in an additional spot. If you get home after about 6:30pm you will probably park somewhere not even close to your apartment. <br><br>Second, select apartments (mine for example) the bedrooms are directly above the garages. So whenever a neighbor opens their garage door it will make your bedroom vibrate because your bedroom is directly above their garage; it WILL wake you up at night.<br><br>Third, everything they used to construct the apartments are pretty cheap. The washer and dryer are the most basic of basic models. There is no carpet padding so the floor is fairly hard. They did not put a bathroom fan in the master bathroom. The kitchen floor is sagging (possibly from water damage), the management says that it is not a problem and to not worry about it (our neighbors have a similar problem). The plumbing is pretty weak. There are times when the toilet flushes and floods the bathroom floor for no apparent reason. The heating system only partially works, the living area stays nice while the bedrooms can get pretty cold at night. There is also a heater downstairs that you turn on and off by using breaker box.<br><br>I had one day to fly out and find an apartment and Sun Valley had the things that I needed. It is overpriced but generally speaking I have not had any terrible experiences. With that said if you have the time I would recommend trying to find a different place to live.
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Sun Valley at Florham Park

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