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Office Staff
Ro-ro • Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/20/2019
Everything you see is a facade, outside is all fluff but inside is wretched, just HORRIBLE! My walk-through was great, then i moved in and it all went terribly bad. I asked the leasing agent if the walls were soundproof she lied and said "yes". Then I had to give my very young niece and nephews headphones while they were visiting and the neighbors decided to have sex (loudly). Thank god my family attempted to be grown-ups about it to make me feel less embarrassed. Laundry machines are either never working or when one machine works then people leave their clothes in the washers and dryers for hours even after it's complete. The hallways always have a funky odor like it's desperately in need of cleaning. In my apt they did such a botched job with the floors that they creaked everywhere (i'm average weight & height) and they were unevenly placed so I wore slippers throughout my entire lease to avoid a splinter. At night regardless of how many parking spots the complex have, you can never find parking (if you do... then it will be on a street far away from you). Also ensure you don't live below people who are heavy-set or have kids because the ramifications from those creaking floors and paper thin walls are excruciating. The plumbing is horrendous. The sewer was backing up in my kitchen sink and bathtub constantly regardless of how many service calls i put in to the building managers. By the way, "yes" i did request a transfer to another apt but they (the buildings managers) will use their scare tactics that you may move into another apt that has problems that are 2x times worst, or that the apts available are double the price. My personal experience of this place gets much worst from my ceiling collapsing to my apt flooding twice but i prefer to keep my review of this property very general to all the experiences i know for certain that you will encounter also. I highly do not recommend this place. I must say thank you to them because if i didn't experience all of this. I would not have bought my townhouse to actually embrace the proper standard of living.
The Crossings at One Manager12/20/2019

Thank you for sharing your experience in the community. We understand that you have moved out. We're disappointed, as we would have loved the opportunity to resolve your issues before you moved on. Your opinion is greatly valued. We wish you luck in your new home. Thank you again for the feedback.

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