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cindy9178 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 04/24/2006
I have lived in Kensington Apartments for over 2 years now. <br>Here is a list of things to keep in mind if you are thinking about living here:<br><br>1. living on the ground floor automatically means less light in your apartment, just because you are halfway under ground. Pay attention to which side of the building you will be renting on, you may not have much sunlight in your apartment if your windows are on the opposite of the building!! this is one that that is a bummer for me - i usually have to keep the lights on during the day. Also, if you live on the ground floor you really can't keep your windows open when you go out, for the change of someone coming in your window since it is on the ground. That can be an inconvenience sometimes. <br><br>2. Without trying to sound prejudiced, it seemed that when i first came here to look at apartments, the manager only showed me apartments in certain buildings. It seems that they try to keep the Indian community in certain buildings - there are a lot of Indian people here, and I have nothing against them! they keep to themselves ,they are very quiet and polite. I dont believe there are any in my building though. i believe managment tries to keep them in certain buildings.<br><br>3. the pool - it is on grass, there is no cement around the perimeter of the pool, so that means you have to walk through grass/mud if you want to sit on one of the lounge chairs. the pool gets VERY crowded in the summer on weekends, and during the week after 5 pm. Plus, it is not open that late during the week. For the amount they charge you for pool membership (mandatory whether you use it or not) I would like a better pool facility - although there are TWO pools in this complex and you can use either one.<br><br>3. management/maintenance- I have never had a problem with management. I have had two issues I had to call maitenance on and they responded promptly and fixed the problem. Maintenance has a key to each apartment, unless you change the doorknob and use one with a key. if you do not give them a copy of the key then they cannot enter your apartment. If they require access, they will call you to arrange access - you will need to either be there, or leave the bottom lock open and just lock the deadbolt.I have had a leak fixed, a sink problem, and an air conditioning problem and everytime maintenance fixed it quickly and without incident. <br><br>4. Hallways - yes I admit the hallways/set up are like college dormitories. There not private entrances here, so the hallways are kind of dingy/dark. They are not dirty and they are vaccumed/cleaned EVERY morning (i hear the vaccumm every day!) <br><br>5. Parking - there is AMPLE parking here and I never have a problem finding a spot. Even when it snows, the lot is plowed out very quickly, of course you need to move your car in order for them to plow it and initially you need to shovel your car out, but that is to be expected. <br><br>6. Noise Level: The walls here are extremely thin and I have had a few problems with noisy neighbors. they require people living on the second and third floors to put down some kind of carpeting, so being on the ground floor has not been a problem. However, neighbors across the hall and next door can be noisy. You can hear tv's and music through the wall - so if you get stuck living next door to a young person who likes to crank their music, be prepared to learn to enjoy it!! I have called the cops a few times on noisey neighbors, but that really isn't a permanent solution. <br><br>7. the grounds are very well kept here. I have no complaints about that. <br><br>8. I feel very safe here - everyone has a key to the outside door of their apartment building. you cannot enter the building without a key or getting buzzed in. there is ample lighting outside in the parking lot, etc. <br><br>9. construction - since I have lived here, they put in all new sidewalks outside of my building, and they have landscaped quite nicely around the trees, etc. It really is a nice place to talk a way on all of the walkways/paths behind the buildings. <br><br>10. Location - Ford Ave is one of the busiest intersections on Route 1- I admit the traffic here is horrible, no matter what time of day/night etc. I can spend at least 10 minutes after work from the parkway exit to the entrance of the complex. I wish they would build a ramp from the parkway directly into the complex, so we could avoid ford ave altogether. that would make my day!!
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