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Carlyle Apartments



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carlyle_renter • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2013
I lived at the Carlyle for 2 years and I don't know why so many people are bashing it. Yes, its not a luxury building and it doesn't deserve 5 stars, but I would say it's a solid 3 star building. First I will talk about the apartment. Fairly decent size and if you're on one of the top floors, it has an amazing view. We were on the west side of the building so we saw some amazing sunsets. We also enjoyed the outdoor space. If you notice on other buildings, you can always see your neighbor. At the carlyle you literally have complete privacy on your deck and to prove it, I had sex out there with no one knowing. The walls are quite thick as well. I couldnt hear my neighbors, but sometimes a neighbor would play music and I would hear the bass. Nothing crazy and never past 10pm. The appliances in the kitchen are so-so. I think they were changing them out to a higher-end appliances. We had a galley kitchen so it was tiny, but we saw other apartments that had an EIK which was nice. Another downside to our place was the closet space, after 2 years we were bursting at the seams because of the lack of closet / storage space. The bedroom we had was quite large with a huge closet. I did notice that it was a bit dry during the winters months so get a humidifier. The bathroom we had was gross (horrible yellow tiles), but that didnt bother me as much my fiancee. Amenities were fair. Pool is nice during the summer but you can only have 2 guests at a time. This was annoying when the pool was empty and we wanted to have friends over but the management said no. I understand their POV, but if no one is there then who cares. We lived there during the garage construction and that was a nightmare but it is over now so no one can really complain. The laundry room sucks, plain and simple. They charge a rediculous amount and the clothes come out like you didn't wash them. One time I did laundry there and my clothes came out smelling like diesel fuel and made me break out. The management comped me $15 but I wanted more since I had to do laundry 2x which takes a lot of time. I will never use public laundry again. The gym opened a year into us moving in and it was a nice feature. Sometimes the cable didn't work, only basic cable. But when I went to the gym in the morning it was empty so I could use my own music. Another thing that other buildings have that the carlyle doesnt is a backup generator for the elevators. Quite annoying during all these freak storms we have been having. All in all, I would give living there 3 stars. My rent for a 1-bedroom plus parking was 1565. On the low end compared to some of the other buildings on Prospect. Rent included heat (or AC during summer), and gas so you save on bills. Downside is the management company turns on and off the Heat or AC. So it could be hot in October but the AC would not be on. It got so bad this year that I went out and bought a portable AC. The manager changed 5 times when I was there, but the most recent man seems to know his ----. All in all, I probably wouldn't recommend the building to a friend. I would tell him to pay a bit more and go to the Pierre or find FRBO house. Also, when I moved out they charged me $50 because my oven was dirty. Do not ask how they concluded this, but that left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Carlyle Apartments

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