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Quail Heights



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unhappytenant7788 • Resident 2005 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/08/2013
I lived in Quail Heights II for about 8 years. When I moved out in July 2013, I did a walkthrough with one of the guys there who told me there were no major issues. I turned in my 3 keycards and he told me I would get $50 back for each one so a total fo $150. When I did not get anything in the mail for 3 months I called the office and spoke to the lady(not Miriam but the office lady in 240) who assured me that she was processing the payment and I should get a check soon. I waited another month then called and left a message on the machine. After another month or so I called and as soon as I said "I used to live in APT.XXX" the lady hung up on me, I called again and this time she just let it ring. I called from a different number and she answered but as soon as she heard my voice she hung up again. The I called their emergency number (the one you call for any leaks or power outage kind of stuff) and had the guy take his phone upto the office so I could speak to the lady. Then she started making up some story that the kitchen cabinets were in bad shape and the bathroom vanity was destroyed which I know is all BS. The staff in general is very rude, except the guy Kyle who is polite. Also when I got married and my wife moved in, they thought I had sublet out the place to someone (since they had not seen her before in my apartment) and they put a nasty notice under my door saying that they will evict me because I had sublet the place Don't rent here unless you really have to and if you do, when you move out make sure you get your deposit back on the key cards or parking stickers. Also the best way to deal with the staff is if they are rude to you be rude right back to them and feel free to yell.
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Quail Heights

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