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Claremont Towers



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RogerFerris • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/26/2013
Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, I can't be more clear about this and heres why: 1.) Your power usage bill will be more than quadruple what you would expect for a 1,000 sqft apartment. QUADRUPLE. The apartments are furnished with 1970s-1980s era central heat/AC units that are really beyond inefficient. This is the case for every apartment. $250/month was common during the winter months. When we moved to an apt down the street, we went from. $250/mnth to $50. So thats more than quadruple. The windows and window seals/moulding are outdated and very drafty. 2.) When the power goes out, generators kick on. The problem with that is, and I'm quoting a HTFD Chief, "the generators are in the basement so every time they get activated, we are required to check each floors carbon monoxide levels". MAJOR design flaw. This happened during two separate occasions, and each time fire fighters knocked on our door to make sure we were still breathing. 3.) The elevators break. Constantly. Also a complaint voiced by the HTFD Fire Chief who said to me "I wouldn't use them on a good day". 4.) When you walk down the stairs, you will notice stress fractures in the cement! Not little drywall cracks, I'm talking chunks of cement that actually crack open and fall. They periodically patch it up but in no time the cracks reappear. The east side of building 776 is LITERALLY sinking and causing the stress fractures in the hallways, in addition to the stairwells. Oh and did I mention the building creaks? 776 will creak at the same times every day. This scared us because cement building, as far as I know, shouldnt flex. Therefore, it shouldnt creak. 5.) The place is a dump. Look in the elevators, the stairwells, the parking lot... People have urinated in the elevators and I know this because it has actually smelled of urine. Same with the stairwells. So as Ive explained, I strongly advice against living there. If not for the incredible expense during the winter months, for the worsening safety conditions. They only real way to make living there safer is to knock the building down and rebuild. There are other apartments in Hillsborough with similar amenities for ALOT cheaper. I know because I now live in one of those other apt complexes.
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Claremont Towers

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