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Claremont Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2015
Don't rent here. The building HVAC system is forced air, via electric, and the vents for the air coming out to heat are about 12 inches from the ceiling. One vent per room, one thermostat for the entire apartment. And the windows, and the doors to the 'balcony" are totally uninsulated with *HUGE* drafts coming in year round. In summer the A/C works fine, efficient enough if you close the blinds during the heat of the day. Even with space heaters (which are forbidden and reason for being evicted in the lease agreement), the apartments are *NEVER* warm in the winter. Bills for heat (because it's electric, poorly designed, and windows are about as drafty as they could possibly be without actually opening them) are outrageously high even with the thermostat set ridiculously low. People in the leasing office show you an apartment that obviously must have had "improvements" because the one I looked at was warm and comfortable. Hallways and common areas have NO air conditioning in summer or winter--yes, you need to wear boots and a winter coat to the laundry room or to go to the lobby and check your mail. Let's talk about the fact that my apartment flooded TWICE due to a backup of a main water line in the apartment. Now, upon renewal of my lease, I'm told that I have to maintain renter's insurance because "management is not responsible for damage due to floods." Gee! I have to say the maintenance staff has been very nice. Tried to help me in the summer when I was being *flooded* with gnats and mosquitos. Basically I wound up having to tape the balcony doors shut permanently and put plastic over them to keep the bugs out. Any noise from the parking lot wakes me up at night/middle of the night/early morning since the whole wall of my bedroom is a window looking over the parking lot. No insulation or sound reduction at all. And regarding the noise through the air vents--too true. I can hear my neighbors peeing at all hours of the day and night when I'm in my bedroom. My daughter can hear neighbors arguing and yelling in her bathroom and in her bedroom through her air vents. For now I'm stuck here due to cash constraints. As soon as I can afford another move, I am out of here.
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Claremont Towers

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