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Claremont Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2015
Definitely rent elsewhere. I currently live here and will be moving next month. I have rented here for two years. Main issues I have found: Heat is electric. This can actually be separated into two deeper issues 1- Temperature and 2- Cost. As for the temperature, no matter what you set the temperature to, it will not actually reach that number. The cause is poor insulation. The windows in the apartment are huge, and have not been properly maintained / updated. We actually keep soda cans by the window, as it keeps them colder than the fridge actually does! As stated below, the air vents are close to the ceiling, and only one thermostat per apartment. I have a two bedroom apartment and our electric bill has reached over $700.00. Please keep in mind I do not have children and work full time. While I am at work the temperature is at 60 degrees and I do not raise it over 70. Also I live with one other person, so cooking in the kitchen is at a minimum. Bathroom - There is no heat for the vent in the bathrooms. That makes showering in the winter unbearable! Even walking in there in the middle of the night or when you want to brush your teeth becomes painful. If you don't have socks on I feel bad for you! Noise - When you are in the bathrooms you can hear people's full conversations. I even hear people singing sometimes! Smell - Lets just say, what people are eating in their private apartments... you smell. Laundry - 3-4 washer / dryers for the WHOLE apartment building -- Yes, that makes COMPLETE sense. Not to mention how old, small, and disgustingly smelly they are. Back to the heating issue: Common sense would be to talk to management. I have done that several times. I will sum up what I was told: 1) "We can send someone up to your apartment to put plastic around the windows." Okay so let me get this straight, I pay close to $1400/month to have an apartment I need to put plastic on the windows? Really?! I settled and did this, still no help. 2) "You can cover the vent in the bathroom while you are home and open it while you are gone". You know why you need to open it while you are gone? Because it is a FIRE HAZARD. 3) "You can get a space heater". Well that is AGAINST the lease agreement we are required to sign. Once I explain this all to them, they respond: "Well this is why your rent is cheaper than elsewhere in the community, to offset the expensive electric bill". That is just LAUGHABLE! Even if a person had unlimited amount of money, the apartment cannot PHYSICALLY get to the temperature it should be kept at. I walk around in boots and sweats at all times in my apartment. Friends and family do not come over in the winter because it is so uncomfortable. I actually try to avoid my own apartment. Finally, management talks to the VP (by the way I cannot get his name or contact information to reach directly -- that seems very customer service friendly, I can see how they are doing as well as they obviously are). They agree to subtract $200 from one month's rent due to my high electric bills. So how about the months after that? Nope! One time offer. What exactly does that solve? That actually annoyed me further because that meant that the VP understood there was a clear issue. So great, I saved $200 one month, but I am still freezing and the bills continue to grow in the months after that. BEST PART. I ask management to consider repairing the windows since they are the obvious issue. I know they had their employees living in the apartment complex with renovated windows mind you. Their answer? "It won't fix the issue of the insulation". I am pretty sure it would! As you can tell I am ready to move. I have found an apartment to rent from instead and wanted to leave this one as soon as possible. I approached management and asked if I could break my lease (giving more than a month notice of when I wanted to leave) which was only 1 month from when my contract was up. Their response: "That is fine but you will have to pay for a short term lease". Basically it is $50/month. So one would think 'okay, that is only a total of $50 since I want to leave 1 month early'. NOPE! It is $50/month for 11 months -- the months I already stayed. I hope this helps others make better decisions
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