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Claremont Towers



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Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/15/2018
I wish I had many nice things to write about this apartment because it was my first and I was so excited for my boyfriend and I to be living on our own, but living here was a pretty awful experience. The first few months ( (summer) we were hit with water and mold outside of our front door in the hallway. It was fixed a week or so after we we moved in (maintenance was pretty quick with everything and they were all really nice guys!!), but we don't think the mold ever really went away. We had sinus infections for the majority of time we lived here - whether or not it was because of what was going on in the hallway there - not sure, but we haven't had them since moving. The fall/winter/spring were unfortunately very cold. We learned off the bat (and stupidly on our part, since we read reviews about astronomicaly high electric bills, but decided not to believe them) that keeping on the heat was an absolute no. Our first winter bill was close to $600, and that was keeping the heat off while we worked (full time) and also while we were home, except for the first hour or two after work because it was just too bitter cold in the house. The lease agreement says no space heaters, but we were told we should look into having one. When I say it was cold, it was painfully cold. There were days where we would just decide taking a shower wasn't worth it because, even with the heat on, it didn't heat the bathroom. PSEG nor Claremont will help with this. Even with everything off, unplugged, etc, the bills are insane and no one wants to claim responsibility for it, so those bills will fall on you. We were told that's to be expected of an all electric apartment, but our new apartment is also all electric and we are having no issues with the bills. We didn't mind the laundry room too much. For the most part there was always a machine broken, but most people in the building use the laundromat so we took that to our advantage. Another bummer was that we are pretty into going to the gym and the one Claremont offers was closed for a good portion of our time there (it still was when we left). Tenants often leave the entry doors propped open, which was bad not only for personal safety, but most of the packages left for tenants are in the lobby so anyone could just grab them and walk out. I will say, our one bedroom apartment was very spacious and we said on multiple occasions what a shame it was to have such a nice apartment that had so many outside issues. If our electric bill wasn't insane and the building itself was better maintained, we wouldn't have left. The area the building in is amazing. I loved Hillsborough and hope to move back there in a few years when we are ready to buy a home. Family living there absolutely loves the school system, and there really are a lot of nice places to shop, eat, etc. you aren't far from downtown Somerville, the mall, great hospitals, etc. I would recommend the area, but another complex, or rent privately (lots of those are available).
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Claremont Towers

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