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Hudson Park Apartments



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2007
This is not a luxury apartment complex despite the plush couches in the lobby and high rent prices. Rent prices do not appear to be stable. There were newspaper articles written and news crews at the complex interviewing residents on the anticipated increases. These rooms are all white and have no lighting fixtures. There are barebones GE appliances, plain cabinets, cheap kitchen flooring, no marble countertops. I was told each room is wired for internet, this is not completely true according to the technician who installed my DSL service. Although there are internet jacks in each room these are not fully operational. Only 1 can be activated at any time. This is due to the fact that the builders were cheap and simply jumpered wires across each wall so that you can route a signal to 1 terminal. They did not run multiple wires to each room from the main hub in the closet so that each room could be wired simulaneously. Therefore you will have to purchase a wireless router or run cables across your floor to each room. The only computer with high speed access is the one physically connected to the router. All others will suffer at the rate of your wireless router. There is also an issue with having both DSL and phone lines in the apartment due to the way wires are jumpered across rooms. Everything in the apartment operates on electric including stove,heating and air conditioning so don't be fooled by the fact that they advertise gas being included as a utility. The only gas you'll be getting for free is the stink of Hoboken on a hot summer day or that of a roomate after ordering takeout from Bangkok. To make the price reasonable we converted a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom by hiring a company to put up a temporary compression wall, splitting the living room in half. The gym is just ok - you can do some cardio and light weights, not meant for a serious lifter. You will have to join NYSC down the street. Laundry room was redone and is nice now. The machines are small and expensive. $1.75 for washers and dryers. You must use a card system, cards are $3.00 and you must have cash to put on the card. They removed the old credit card system. I suspect they decided on the cash system to promote use of the $3.00 ATM in the lobby. They quickly removed the cash system due to complaints and installed a nice debit/credit card feature. Overall they did a good job with this ammenity. Parking garage is convienently attached to the building, however that is the only benefit. I have several problems with the Central Parking management there. Even after the minimum $205 monthly fee you have to fight for a spot because they are not assigned and they oversell the lot by quite a few cars. The garage spacing is poorly managed and high end cars often take up two spots to prevent door dings because the spots are so tight (this is understandable but annoying when your the one looking for a spot). The place is filthy. Leave your car there for a few days after a car wash and you will find a layer of dust and fireproofing from the ceiling all over your car. They do not clean up glass, broken lights, garbage, and pipes constantly leak. I remember seeing a box in one corner of the garage for 6 months. Forget about when Hoboken flooded - the garage basement filled up with about a foot and half of water. They management probably had no idea it was that deep and made no efforts to contact the car owners that they should remove their cars. Luckily I went down there in time and we notified Archstone management to make an announcement on the loud speaker. The management is very sly and will try and pocket certain fees you paid upfront. Make sure you keep the carbon copy of your contract. There was a deposit on the card scanner which was written as an item on my initial contract. When I returned the card they tried to claim it was an activation fee and was not due back to me. I mentioned I had a carbon copy which said "card deposit" and their story changed to "I might receive it in 6-8 weeks" - probably the time it will take me to forget about it. Don't worry I will bookmark it in Outlook and call back. If you are on the south side of the building you will hear the NJ Transit trains running at night. They let the engines idle all night since it is too costly to shutdown and startup. You will not be able to sleep with a window open during the summer because of the loud brake hissing and hum of the engines. Even having the windows open during the day you will have trouble hearing your television. My room is near the south corner. I am very serious about this. I recently purchased a brand new 1 bedroom condo about 2 blocks from this complex and my monthly mortgage payment combined with the montly maintenance fee is less than the monthly rental fee at Archstone. So if you can afford Archstone, you can afford to buy a place in Hoboken, especially uptown or back a little farther where prices are even cheaper. *** Move Out Experience The move out sheet for this building is beyond absurd - with line items stating you will be fined for "fingerprints on light switches" if not cleaned prior to moveout. What is this CSI? Do they come in and dust for prints? If I can find the sheet I will list all the items - we actually laughed at most of them. Fearing we would be raped with fines we absolutely scrubbed the place to death. There were some wall marks and with a charge of like 15 cents per square foot for repainting we decided to take a chance and use a wet rag on the walls to lightly remove the marks and spackled small nail marks from pictures etc. This worked since we were not billed in the end for any paint related stuff. The compression wall caused no damage when it was taken down as advertised. The carpet was the largest item of concern for us since there were a couple stains from drink spills. We debated about getting a steam cleaning but decided not to because if they weren't removed we would get fined anyway. They billed us $1100 for carpet damage which basically consisted of some normal wear and tear marks from foot traffic patterns through the living room around the coffee table and couch area. This was nothing beyond "normal wear and tear" as described in the contract. We conference called the manager and I think he slipped and told us there was a 5 year shelf life for the carpet. That was all we needed to hear. So being that it was a new carpet and we only lived there for 1 year they tried to pin the cost of replacing it for the next tennant on us. After complaining they wiped out the charge which was the right thing to do. So definitly speak up if you end up in this situation. I would consider tears and rips beyond normal wear and tear, but not a slightly worn or soiled carpet from foot traffic. After all they install white carpets with a high pile. This is asking to be worn and soiled and designed to be an item which you will pay to replace for them. A smart management would have picked a gray industrial carpet with small pile, duh!
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Hudson Park Apartments

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