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Pineview Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/15/2011
After being here for 2 and a half years I would not recommend Pineview Apts to my worst enemy. The parking is horrible! There is no assigned parking and they do not plow the parking lot when it snows; if they do they plow your cars in so you have more digging to do. There is no covered parking at all. The noise is ridiculous. You can hear every noise your neighbors make so if they are wake past 10pm so are you. The grounds are disgusting. There is garbage and broken glass every where. Even the play ground area for the children has garbage piling up in the corners. There is dog feces all over the grass areas and walk ways because people do not clean up after them. The lighting in the parking lot is not the best. There are a lot of dark corners. We were broken into and EVERYTHING was completely locked up. They popped the lock in the kitchen window to get in. There are no cameras and no one noticed a thing. The maintenance was a joke. They would take MONTHS to complete jobs even though the lease says your problem will be completed in 10 business days. You had to be on them to get anything done. We've had to call the Corp office to even get some things fixed and to this day it is still not completed and we are no longer there. The Corp office is no help either and they are rude. They are complete liers and has said we refused entry to the workers and that was the reason nothing has been completed which is not true at all. No one ever came and when speaking to the workers I was told they were coming "this week" yet it never happened. I also gave them my cell to call to give them permission to enter if I was not home and they never called. Some of the workers just do not know the correct way to fix things on top of it. The staff is not helpful at all. You are lucky if they are in the office and when you call and leave a message to call you back they never do and you literally have to call over 3 times to get a response. There is a laundry room but the machines are always broken and they are not fixed right away. Even though the apartments are big I still would not recommend it.
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Pineview Apartments

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