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Pineview Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/28/2011
When we first saw the ad for this place, it stated that all utilities were included; then once we came to actually see a place, we were told it was a "typo" - Next problem; unless your a chain smoker, you won't like it one bit here. I find it very resentful that my neighbors can enjoy a SMOKE FREE home, because they go out on their balcony and smoke - thereby allowing all that disgusting smoke to come into MY home!! So their children are not affected by their nasty habit, but MINE are and we DON'T SMOKE. Next problem; our air conditioner went out - the Lease states you are not allowed to have a/c's in the window - it was, literally, 105 degrees in our place - we called the office, but yet again, nobody was there. It states the hours, but you are lucky if you find anyone actually working there - We had to go to Wal Mart and actually PURCHASE an a/c for our window. SIX DAYS later, they send someone in to look at the a/c. All he did was clean it - Our electric bill was $700 for ONE MONTH'S electric, folks!!! I REFUSE to even attempt to utilize that central air and will just leave the window air in - We had no choice but to downsize, but I really wish I had known just how bad this place was before - We have to wait until our Lease is over for one year before we are "allowed" a month to month Lease. My advice to you is to look anywhere but here - They won't even label parking spots - you can only imagine how horrific it is in the winter when it snows and you take two hours to clean a spot and somebody else decides they are going to just take your spot!!! It's unbelievable! Living in the woods in a tent would be better! The only good thing about this place is that the maintenance guys, Jim and Steve, are amazing! They get so much crap from the super - Tony. And it's just horrible. The tenants see it and know exactly what goes on here - You are FOREWARNED - this place only has a 27% for a reason - because they suck here!! I am, literally, counting the days to when we can move out of here. It is the worse mistake I've ever made, moving in here...I give it a ZERO!!!
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Pineview Apartments

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