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Presidential Place



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have been living here almost 2 years,and things just continue to get worse. I don't have any complaints about our neighbors or the noise coming from upstairs because I completely understand what living in an apartment means. I have major complaints about the company. First & fore most they promise you things they never do... like grills by the pool... that was supposed to happen 2 summers ago... secondly, they have no services to offer for carpet cleaning & such. They put the cheapest laminate "wooden" flooring that if you drop something like an empty box it puts dents into the floor...Also, they want me to sign another year lease... going on 3 years now & refuse to clean their cheap carpets they put into this place that are all frayed and coming apart from the "wooden" laminate. Disgusting. Also we pay $40 extra dollars a month for a pet... you would think with that extra money they will offer some sort of carpet cleaning service.... okkk so this place is super expensive and built EXTREMLY cheap... like all the nasty white tile and white grout in the bathrooms... how in the world would ANYONE keep those floors clean. The grout is black & I don't even use one of the bathrooms. So about the dog charge... we have to pay additional rent to have a dog in our apartments... $40/$50 extra dollars.... and for what?? for them to put down toxic salts when it snows... all of our animals paws are drying up and it is burning their poor paws. I cannot even allow my dog to walk on it or else he cry's and cannot even walk. ITS ABSOLUTLY OBSURED!!!! We pay money to have our pet there and there is absolutely no respect. There are MANY alternative they could use are the "pet" building to avoid this harm to our animals. && When you complain.... SILENCE. Also lately there have been pipes bursting and ruining peoples belongings... & people are being forced out of their homes to stay in a hotel room... you would think the company would take responsibility... of course not. people have to pay for the entire thing with their renters insurance!!!!!! & it gets even better.... for some of our apartments who have no yet been flooded because of bursting pipes have to allow strangers into our home...without even a heads up they are coming... so we wait around hide all our personal stuff && wonder if anyone showed up....Then they show up... & Guess what... make an absolute mess... no clean up and not even finishing the job... &&& you ask why am I spending over $2,000.00 to live here???? Not anymore.
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Presidential Place

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