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Kingsrow Apartments

500 Chews Landing Road #524

Lindenwold, NJ 8021



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americangirl585 • Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
All of you people need to stop whining! I live at Kings Row Apartments and what all of you complainers are forgetting is that it is an apartment complex! You live in close proximity with your neighbors in any complex you live in. You are going to hear some life sounds. It will not be dead quiet in an apartment and no matter how good it is...it cannot be perfect.<br><br>My experience here has been so good that I have stayed for many years. In fact, I moved out once because my life had changed, realized I made a mistake and moved back the next year.<br><br>The maintenance man is kind of grouchy, but he does his work. That's all I care about. He's not my friend or brother or whatever. He's hired to do a job and he's always done it. <br><br>Children play...let them play. They do not break anything, harass anyone or do anything we didn't do as children. They play tag and ball or sit outside and play with action figures. What is wrong with that?<br><br>Some of you should go live out in the middle of the woods all by yourselves. I have nice people around me and I like it. It's the only place I've ever lived that I can go for a walk at night and feel safe. Nobodies dealing drugs around me like other apartments I've lived in. My neighbors say hello and we even sit outside in the summer. <br><br>Anyone reading those negative comments should take into consideration that these are the people you may not want as your neighbors. The one girls letter was so foul with her comments that I was disgusted with her, not Kings Row when I read it.<br><br>I like it hear and I'm tired of all these ridiculous complaints on this web site. I'm sure if a poll was taken of all the good tenants here, Kings Row would be rated #1 in this entire area. It really is a nice place to live.<br><br>
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Kingsrow Apartments

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