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Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
Fox Meadow was my first apartment situation for 18 months and I have to say that I've had no complaints. I read the previous comments before I moved in, but the place looked decent, the management staff friendly, so I figuered I'd try it out. It's location is very convenient for travel (73/295/Turnpike). You have to understand that many of the people who post comments have obviously had a gripe with the management, whether they didn't pay their rent or they abused their apartment and their security deposit was used to pay for damages. So here it goes:<br>1)Apartment: For the price, the apartments are priced fairly. I think the property is about 30 years old, and the apartments look very well maintained. I would frequently see the maintenance department out painting, repairing, etc. The entrances are well-lit. Other reviewers stated the walls were paper thin and the noise level from neighbors was too high. I did not find that to be the case. One time a guy moved next door and he played his music too loud however, I think he was gone the next day. The whole neighborhood was quiet overall. The kitchen is tiny, and you have to be able to cope w/ no washer or dryer in the apartments. The laundry rooms are kept clean, washer/dryers are small capacity. AC/heating ran fine and the costs seemed reasonable.<br>2)Parking: I don't know why people write complaints about a parking problem. Your walking distance is only about a couple of hundred feet, parking is ample. My car never got damaged. There were times that I even forgot to lock it, and nothing was ever stolen. <br>3)Neighbors: Maybe there are proportionally more Asian neighbors but it is a mix. Fair amount of military personnel. Everyone is quiet, no kids throwing rocks, no excessive noise. People were on the whole, pleasant. The kids playground is a little run-down, feel sorry for the kids, and Fox Meadow would probably be well-served to put some money into that.<br>4)Cleanliness: They have people pick up trash around the grounds every morning, I only wish they could take care of the dog droppings too but hey, that's a problem everywhere I think. The trash containers are emptied regularly, sometimes they overflow..Fox Meadow should invest in a trash compactor.<br>5)Security: Admittedly, I'm a relatively young male but I felt safe walking the grounds even at night..no-one lurking behind bushes or stalking. Everything is well-lit. Recently, they placed security cameras at one of the entrances, and added a night-time security guard which does amount to something.<br>6)Communications: The usual cable and phone hook-ups. High speed DSL worked well. They have also recently rewired the place for new cable/phone communications. The cost appeared reasonable but all cable is overpriced anyway.<br>7)Management: I always found management to be reasonable and friendly. Maintenance responded promptly to my requests. Even after-hours, they were available.<br>8)Bugs: Well, in my 18 months there, I saw one (1) roach. No, not one hundred, just one.<br>9)Moving: Like everywhere else, they do require one month notice. There returned my security deposit intact - no charges.<br>So, if you want a cheap, convenient, safe place to live - you could do a whole lot worse than Fox Meadow.
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Fox Meadow

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