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Village of Stoney Run



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
I am active duty military and moved in to stoney run when I was transfered to NJ. I loved how we were so close to everything, but with the area being so wooded, you couldnt even tell we were right off a major road. The reason I will never live there again is because of the maintenance issues. I lived in one of the older buildings and man could you tell! After living there for two months, there was a big storm and i had water leaking through my ceiling (i lived on the 3rd floor). It took maintenance forever to come out, and when they did finally come out, they painted over the stains and said the roof was fixed. sounded good to me... why would they not fix it right? well two weeks after this we had another big storm, and to my surprise I woke up and there was a giant crack running across the ceiling in my living room letting water run in to my apartment. I had water running down the wall where my thermostat is also. It took maintenanace two days to come out! I was told to put a pot under the leak to catch the water! They were to busy with the other water issues. unfortuantnly they only hired 4 maintenance guys, and they are worked to death. when maintenance came out, they said they were goign to spackle the crack and paint over it. i said no because my ceiling was bulging from the water that had been in it. finally after going to the manager of this place, they replaced the part of the ceiling that had been damaged...jsut took them a month to do it. by that point in time, my wall was growing mold..kinda gross. I have friends who lived in the new buildings who had just as much drama. BTW dont live on the first floor unless you like sewage back up in your apartment! My friend had this problem, they replaced teh padding under the carpet, but not the actual carpet and told her they wouldnt let her out of her lease, even when this happened twice and caused mold to grow in her apartment! Try to live on the 2d floor, and hope for the best. I would have stayed there if they hired more maintenance people so problems could be dealt with, but they wouldnt spend the money.
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Village of Stoney Run

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