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Hunters Chase

100 Hunt Club Trail

Marlton, NJ 08053



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/25/2014
DO NOT MOVE HERE! I have had countless problems with Hunters Chase and would never rent from them or the Scully Company again. It's hard for me to figure out where exactly to start, but I guess the beginning is a good place. When I was scouting apartments I came across this place and liked the idea of the inexpensive deposit (unfortunately all of the money I saved was wasted, but I'll get to that later). I toured the demo unit and really liked it better than most of the other places I had looked at. However, the leasing agent demanded a $300 deposit that would be non-refundable after 72 hours without ever showing me the unit. I refused, and when I was finally able to see it, the place was in complete disrepair, but I was assured the carpeting and flooring would be replaced. When move-in came around there was a distinct smell of stale smoke in the apartment, even though the smell of new paint masked it. There were also many issues that were not remedied, such as a clogged shower drain and damage to the new flooring. There was a brown residue dripping from the walls of the bathroom every time. I showered (disgusting!) and, to top it off, the patio was not cleaned. I notified the leasing agent who I worked with before and she told me that she would remedy the problems. After nearly a month I contacted her, the manager, and maintenance in order to finally get something done about the smell. Unfortunately, by this point the smoke odor had seeped into all of my clothing and porous furniture. I had also spent $250 on air purifiers and even more on air fresheners and odor absorbers to help mitigate the problem. The most offensive part was that, instead of immediately working to solve the problem of the smell, the manager came to the apartment and had the nerve to tell us that she didn't notice it. When we were persistent, though, she had the complex purchase ozone machines. They worked for a little while, however management and maintenance do not understand how to properly use these machines. When I told the manager that the ozone needed time to dissipate before people could re-enter the premises, she told me she had never heard of that. Thus, they put the unit in our apartment way too late in the day, and we came home to it running in our unit more than once, which may have contributed to my girlfriend getting an upper respiratory infection (I know I can't prove that, but the timing was very suspect). Given this lack of understanding, I neglected to contact them when the smell returned shortly thereafter. However, I did have to contact management due to the ridiculously high electric bills. I've lived in other apartments that were all electric and I have never paid over $250 consistently (there goes the money I saved on my deposit). I have friends with multi-bedroom homes who don't pay this much for heat. Their answer to this problem was to enter my apartment WITHOUT my permission in order to see that I had a 25 year old unit that needed replacement. I was also told by maintenance and the contractors who replaced the unit that the heat pump outside was broken. When I asked to be reimbursed for the money I had spent because they neglected to inspect their equipment, I got no response. Also, the contractors that they use are horrible and have no respect for residents' homes. I came home as they were replacing the heating unit, and while the contractors were in their car eating lunch, my apartment was left open with the heat on in sub-freezing weather. Not to mention the fact that they took everything out of the closet that the heater was in and had me put it all back. Finally, and this was actually the worst thing that happened, their online automated withdrawal rent payment system malfunctioned at the beginning of August. It neglected to withdraw funds from most accounts and as a result they tried to charge me an extra 10% late fee. When I called the office (it took them three calls to answer during business hours) to ask what happened the manager told me about the problem and said they had thought they had fixed it, but had received some $1 payments from people who always pay (like me). So they knew that they had a problem but instead of calling their residents they decided it would be better to try to overcharge them. Also, with all of these issues, to top it off there was an insane spider issue. They were everywhere no matter how many times I cleaned them up, and I don't leave any food out and vacuum weekly. Honestly, though, the spiders were an afterthought considering all of the other major issues. So, once again, I repeat, DO NOT RENT HERE! This is especially true if you are moving here to save money. At least you can get a deposit back, whereas all the money I spent on electricity is gone.
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Hunters Chase

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