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Hunters Chase

100 Hunt Club Trail

Marlton, NJ 08053



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Office Staff
kspring • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/16/2015
Hunters chase repeatedly sends nasty grams on all doors nonstop and harasses residents to "report" smokers/walkers ect instead of PAYING to PROPERLY maintain the grounds. Specifically, dog walkers and smokers often stop on the apartment grounds from the surrounding areas and dog waste and trash are an issue - instead of accepting the issue and PAYING SOMEONE TO PICK UP THE GROUNDS REGULARLY (like a much needed DOG SERVICE) they chose to post these stupid signs around and pocket the money. The parking situation is also pretty bad, but my main complaint is continued lack of proper ground maintenance services (IE - HIRE A POOP PICKER UP for the GROUNDS and leave the residents alone). Additionally there is a seasonally bad snake issue due also to lack of ground services. Kids cannot play outside because the apartment fails to pay for dog services, snake control, ect... No one cares about the expensive parties Hunters chase throws nonstop. Its a gimmick to try to get more residents but once they have you they just harass you and fail to care for the property by actually paying for the needed services they complain about in their repeated posts.
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Hunters Chase

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