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Hunters Chase

100 Hunt Club Trail

Marlton, NJ 08053



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2016
When we first moved in it seemed pretty solid, but keep in mind this was our first place so we were excited just to have something of our own. Then things started to stink... First off, for a two bedroom, it's like living in a damn closet. It was fine with one kid but after the new baby came it was impossible. Second, upon moving in we had the LOUDEST upstairs neighbors of all time. Constant slamming on the floors, loud music, and you'd here the bed and floor creak every morning - conveniently at 6AM! And to top it off we woke up one morning to all of their water POURING into our bathroom! Yea...awesome, right? After several complaints the staff got lucky because they ended up moving out anyway. If you enjoy the outdoors have fun with their "patios." They're rotting and have moss ALL over them. Plus you get an excellent view of the bushes :) Which leads me to BUGS. SO MANY BUGS! There are HUGE spiders, TONS of crickets, and an insane amount of ANTS! Now, the best part...We just moved out and we were expecting our security deposit, but what did we get? We owed $815 for A NEW CARPET! (Which upon signing the lease they stated "no worries about the carpets, we change them every move in anyway") which you obviously PAY FOR! Not to mention $25 for a "dirty stove" AKA "we got you brand new appliances! But if you use it we'll know and charge you!" This place is a complete joke. From top to bottom it is TERRIBLE. Please DO NOT move here! You will only waste your time and money! All the neighbors are extremely strange and creepy so I wouldn't hold too much weight to what they would say differently about the topic.
Hunters Chase Manager11/02/2016

Thanks for leaving a review and for your comments. Unfortunately, we did find red dye stains on the carpet, so the charges were necessary. Also, the oven was left in a dirty condition. If time allows, please call me directly at 215-887-8400 to discuss further. Thank you. ~ Michael Duncan, Regional Manager

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Hunters Chase

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