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Olde Forge East Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
I moved here because it was animal friendly & the two "strange but nice woman that were in the office & showed me around". I will move when my year lease is up. # 1. They spray dangerous pesticides that are toxic to animals & people. They leave flags everywhere warning you. # 2 You can HEAR everything from you neighbors, arguments, t.v programs, toilet flushing & of course moments that you just wish you didn't hear! I know they can hear us too. VERY uncomfortable. #3 The private pool does not open till noon & EVERYONE from the neighborhood drives up with a car full of kids 7 the whole family (no problem with that, except, they don't live here. Supposedly the lady that runs the office has her kid be the lifeguard & he does not check ONE badge. So there goes the privilege of having a nice private pool..it's crowded with anyone who knows about the "freebie pool". I asked the office lady & they are just the strangest, rudest people I have ever come across. ODD..Here's a very important piece of advice. If you move here, be prepared for an astronomical electric bill & I AM NOT KIDDING. I went away for almost 3 weeks 7 they claimed I used the same wattage. I talked to another woman who moved here in August & is already looking to move. She said her electric bill for 2 people has been almost $500.00 per month. I believe her! My electric bill, with 2 people has been over $400..never less than $389.00 a month. This alone is enough reason to leave. Yes you have a beautiful park across the street, if you & your dog don't get run over first, trying to cross farmhouse lane! Yes, the apartments are nice, but they are so drafty in winter, I was FREEZING all the time. yes, you have your own mail box, but be prepared to receive about 5 other people's mail, along with your own..that's how frequently people move out. Moving trucks are a common sight. I can see those 2 "people" in the office are getting a little desperate, they are now accepting residents with Pitt bulls & other dangerous breeds. The offices response "What can i do if they lie to me? It's really the deed, not the breed". I am fine with that, but If I choose a place that says "private pool, small dogs allowed only..I really do want that & they lie to get you in. RUN
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Olde Forge East Apartments

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