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LostSailor • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
We moved into the Highlands back in July and I have to say, so far everything has been pretty good. Their are some things I would like to see changed. I've read all of the reviews on this site for the past 6 months or so and defenitely see a trend, people love to complain and not commend. Everyone on this site has had a bad experience with the company at one point or another and this is there site to vent as if they are getting back at the management company. <br><br>First Topic: Since I've moved in the management office has been nothing but pleasant. They have been very responsive to me so I have nothing but nice things to say about them. They all know me on a first name basis and are quite friendly. Everyone on this site is saying that the management company is nice up until you move in and then they disapear. How is that possible??? They work in the building 7 days a week! If a resident can't walk in to the office and get what ever they need taken care of then that's no ones fault but there own. So if the managment company is reading this, keep up the good work and Thank you......<br><br>Second topic: The maintenance guys honestly have been great. Once again, they all know you on a first name basis, are friendly and have been very responsive. Example, The second week I moved in we had torrential down pours. I noticed that I was getting a leak on my ceiling. This was on a Sunday around 5 PM so I thought for sure no one would take a look at it until Monday the earliest. I contacted the Emergency number and within 15 minutes a maintenance guy was in my apartment assessing the damage and had it fixed by Tuesday of that week. A common story on this website is that all the maintenance guys do are hang out by the pool. Honestly, I see them at the pool every now and then but they get their jobs done so I don't see what the big deal is or why everyone complains about it. Since I've moved in, the maintence guys have been nothing but quite helpful so, Thank you......<br><br>Third Topic: The apartment itself is great. I'm in a 2 bedrooom and it's quite spacious. Everything is brand new which I love coming from NYC. Common complaint is that the workmanship is poor. I'm not a carpenter or anything but everything seems to be built fine. We've had no problems and we love the place. There are plenty of outlets on every wall, Tons of closet space, and internet/cable connections almost on every wall as well. I really think they thought of everything when putting these apartments together. Another common tale on this site is that the cable never works and always goes out. Since we've moved in, the cable has only had problems when the weather is bad(Twice I think) but that's DirecTV and has nothing to do with the buildinig. When your cable is dependent on a satellite and there is interference you're going to have a problem. Same thing happens to every DirecTV user in the country. My internet has never gone out since I moved in. So, nothing bad to say here. <br><br>4th Topic: Parking. The dreaded parking issue....ok, here's my first gripe. I can't comprehend why the visitors lot is as small as it is. If it were up to me, I would make the whole outside lot visitor parking and the underground lot for residence only. But in the buildings defense there is a free lot right across the street. It's really no big deal to have guests walk a block. Once again, we come from NYC so we don't see the big deal in walking a half a block, but I guess spoiled college kids from Jersey might have a problem with this. The real issue I do have is with the underground lot and that has to do with the security. I do not feel it's as secure as it should be. The garage door stays open too long and I've seen cars get directly behind cars with openers and enter the lot even though they shouldn't have access. It also allows pedestrians to enter which is a major security concern for me. This should be addressed immediately. <br><br>5th topic: Pets. I have a dog so I love the fact that they accept pets in the building(There are very few in Jersey). The only issue is though, they claim to be pet friendly but that's hard to believe because they charge $500 just to have a pet and then an additional $50/month surcharge for each pet you have. If they had a true pet friendly area I would have no problem paying this fee but as far as I can see I'm paying $50/month for 2 garbage cans and free baggies which are INconveniently located. You have to walk pretty far to get to the "pet area" and the ground is on a complete slant that leads to route 18 or New Street that is quite busy. It's inconvenient and at night can be dangerous as the ground has lots of ditches. <br><br>Last comment and this isn't really a topic because this is just my opinion. This building is located in a college town so no matter what you are going to have college kids residing here. So far, Sunday thru Thursday night it's been very quiet and pleasant. It's Fiday and Saturday night when it can get a little crazy here. It's common to find vomit somewhere in the building on Sat and Sun mornings or a broken beer bottle in the lobby or some sort of vandalism, etc. This is something that I don't think will ever change unless the company stops allowing co-signers(which is fine by me). This place to me would be paradise if there were no college kids around(no offense). However, the building addresses any issues very quickly so it's something that we're able to deal with. <br><br>I work in NYC and the commute is really easy. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the train and the express trains take about 45 minutes to get in. No problems there... <br><br>Overall, I think this place is great. There are minor issues that I'm hoping are addressed in the near future. Anyone interested in living here should seriously consider it. It's a little pricey for the area but coming from NYC it's not and based on the amenities and space it's worth it. <br><br>In my opinion the Highlands is great and this site is giving it a bad rap. <br><br>
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