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Ivy Hill Apartments



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jkb246 • Resident 2002 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 07/05/2003
For newest review read below<br><Old review><br>I have lived here 2 years and have the same opinion of the place as I did in month 8. I like the place I live. People keep to themselves and Maintenance is very good. Now the bad part. People are mostly assigned to buildings based on race and or class. It seems like the buildings across from the park are better than the onces closer to Walgreens. I have never had maintenance problems in my apt, but people in other buildings have a horrific time getting someone to fix the issues they have. <br>Security could be better. This complex could use photo id cards. The security guards have no clue who live in each building. I have been stopped coming into my building after living here for a year and a half just because I was not the same color as most of the building. The washing machines are dirty most of the time. The floors in the laundry rooms are spotless. As much as the people clean the building I don't think they know what they should clean. Pets should be banned because people don't know how to take care of them. <br>For someone my age that needed a first apartment this is a good place for a great price, but watch where your apartment is. Manor Drive should be avoided-Unless you are in the rear of the buildings (to much traffic and to many people). To get a parking space be prepared to camp outside of the office on that 3rd night from 6 to 7:30 because they only give out 7 or 8 spaces a month when half the parking lot is empty. <br><br>If they were more organized this would be a great place to live. Because they aren't its just okay<br><br><br>---------1/2007<br>Well 4 years at Ivy hill and the review is still the same. Good, but could be better. Rent is now 643 which is great for this part of jersey.One more increase might push me towards a new apt somewhere in central jersey for 700-800 bucks. At least you will get newer appliances and a bigger floor plan. Issues are still the same. Here next to South Orange the building is spotless the closer you are to walgreens the worse it is. Okay take that back. It's a hell hole next to walgreens so don't live there. If thats the only apartments available go somewhere else or wait another month. Roaches are an issue but this is a 15 floor apt so that is not unexpected. They have finally sealed each floors garbage chutes so the Summer odors will vanish. <br><br>As I wrote in the summary it's a well maintained complex with poorly maintained people if that makes sense. Lot's of new folks here that just don't have a sense of community
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Ivy Hill Apartments

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