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Ivy Hill Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I have lived in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Ivy Hill Apartments in building 5 for almost a year now and I have mixed reviews about these apartments. This is the pros and cons of living at the Ivy Hill Apartments: 1)NEIGHBORHOOD: I would describe the neighborhood (Ivy Hill)as a safe decent neighborhood. There has been plenty of times when I've arrived home at 3 or 4 in the morning and I've never had a problem. I've also seen residents walk their dogs late at night without a problem. The apartment complex has 24/7 security on both the Complex and the parking lot. The management also hires armed off-duty police officers to patrol the premise. There is a police presence in the neighborhood and a Police Substation was recently built around the corning. Management also conducts a criminal background check and calls the applicant's employer (unless you're a student or senior) to verify an applicant's employment before accepting prospective applicants. As one reviewer stated on this page, you within short driving distances from some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Newark (such as Lower Vailsburg)and Irvington. I would avoid the area East of Sanford Ave and North of 18th Ave unless cutting through to use the Parkway or I 280. 2)APARTMENTS: Your stay here seriously depend on what building you live in. Each build is different and has different character. For example, senior citizens tend to live in buildings 5 and 25 therefore these buildings are quiet. While the building on Mt.Venon PL tend to house alot of the Seton Hall Student therefore they tend to have a frathouse feel to them especially on weekends. The building next to Wal-Green tend to be more rowdier and noisier. With Electricity included in the rent, this place is a bargain. If you install A/C, they charge you a yearly $250. Pets are allowed with the exception of Pit-bull breeds and there are no pet deposits. Maintenance here is OK and has always responded to my complaints in a timely fashion. The apartments have laundry facilities which in my opinion suck because they can't handle large loads and the machines only use quarters. Therefore you have to stock up on quarters since there is no change machines. I rather avoid the hassle and go to the laundromat around the corner. My apartment had a bug problem once in the past(Roaches)even though I am very clean. I.e Initial roach infestation have little to do with cleanliness but poor cleanliness can make it worse. These building were built in 1951 so if your neighbor has roaches then you run the risk of having them no matter how clean you are since they like to live inside of walls. Anyways, I called management and they sent an exterminator to my apartment on the same day which seem to do the trick. 3)PARKING: The street parking here SUCKS. There is plenty of parking in the daytime while everyone is at work but after 5PM Parking is a nightmare. It is not unusual to drive around for 15-30 minutes looking for parking on the street unless you're willing to park a couple of blocks away. To save yourself the hassle, I recommend getting a reserved parking spot for $60 a month. The parking lot itself is in somewhat OK condition, it looks like it hasn't been repaved in years. They also have security in the parking lots. Overall I would rate Ivy Hill Apartments as OK. Granted this apartment complex is not the Waldorf Astoria but with the amount of money you pay, it's more then worth the cost.
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Ivy Hill Apartments

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