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Glenwood Apartments & Country Club



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Office Staff
Briar • Resident 1998 - 1999 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2002
The apartment and complex themselves were were nice but the management couldn´t be worse. We had an abusive downstairs neighbor who was so awful (threats, obscenities, screaming, pounding on the ceiling, music blaring, etc) that we had to call the police on her. The management refused to do anything; they would not even allow us to move to another place. We did nothing to provoke this neighbor. In fact, we padded our floor with cushions and tiptoed and whispered when we knew she was home for fear of her near-violent rages. We later found out the previous tenant had had the same problem. <br> <br>The lock on our door broke and we reported it immediately. It took 5 days for them to respond and when they did, they simply left a note saying they were not going to replace our lock and implying that we had put the current lock on the door (apparently it was not the usual model but one quick look would have told anyone that it was the original lock). We had to remind them of our abusive neighbor before they came to fix it-- at 8 a.m. on a Sunday, which sent the neighbor into a rage. <br> <br>We were forced to move out after a year, as our nerves simply couldn´t take it anymore. When we dropped off the keys, one of the office workers privately apologized for not helping us more and said they could have done more but the more senior members of management felt it would be too much trouble to deal with it. <br> <br>I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. If you even think you will have a problem beyond your control, don´t bother living here. They won´t care or do anything about it. <br> <br>
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Glenwood Apartments & Country Club

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