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London Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/06/2015
London Terrace! Since day one I have hated this place, not to even start complaining about the animals that keep loitering around, from possums, to skunks, to cats. My mother moved here when I was in college in 2010, and from day one we have had problems from cockroach infestations to slugs on walls, to mice playing in and out our basement, flooding here and there in the basement, to molds on the walls to mushrooms sprouting from the basement, especially affecting everything that we own and so on. We live in a one bedroom with a basement, the basement is where we manage to do our home work, exercises, and just general recreations, but that is where we store a majority of our belonging from our old place. The maintenance staff are almost all foreigners, who have no training, and do not speak proper english to be able to help completely solve the problems we have in our apartment. They come in when they want to respond to inquiries, and in the rudest manner ever. How can you allow people like these to work at and apartment complex where safety and comfort should be a priority. A lot of times the answer/solutions sounds like "well let nature figure it out", our apartment is literally a death hole being raided from bottom to the top, and the fact that we are located on the ground floor doesn't help at all. Almost 5 years of this i'd rather be homeless, than to stay for another year. I am still trying to have my mother move out before we split ways. Sleeping in the living room isn't the best for me since i finished university in 2014, so I plan on moving out January of next year. I would never recommend this area for a family to live in, only single individuals starting off, actually i take the last part back i would never recommend this place for anyone to stay except the workers of this complex. This is a review from a current resident, hope you read and learn and are warned, and hope to the apartment complex takes its residences serious after reading as well Cheers.
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London Terrace Apartments

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