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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
$1300 FOR A DOWNSTAIR APT WITH ONLY 2 WINDOWS IN THE APTS.<br><br>The only things about the apartments are new and good location other than that Rachel garden apartment is very expensive. <br><br>$1300 for 1 small bedroom with no dinning area plus $200 utilities to covered the sewage usages, heat, hot water cooking gas and central air in the summer time etc .. Not to mention that all the 1 bedrooms are on the 1st floor changes are you will hear noise walking on top of your head from the 2 bedroom apartment from the 2nd floor with more than five or six people living it.<br><br>The whole apartment will smell, smoke and have no where to escape if you cook in the kitchenette. The tiny baby bath room without any window is also another problem you may have to pray very hard that the tenants above don t drop any water on the floor and leak into your apartments. The boiler is extremely noisy.<br><br>In conclusion, $1300 approximately $200 miscellaneous utilities is more than a price of a mortgage. Just do the math $1400 times 12 months times 15 years equal to $234,000. $234,000 you can purchase a small old TLC condo in Parsippany and become an ownership or sell the condo and get some money back when you decided to leave the condo and move some where else.<br>
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