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Royal Gardens



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ari520 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I really feel bad for anyone who unknowingly moves into this nightmare of a place. My fiancee and I have lived here for 2.5 years, we live on the first floor, and I can tell you this much: TERRIBLE maintenance, they wont fix anything and when they do, it's clearly not a priority. You can tell the apartment is old as there are many cracks and patches here and there, and a bad paint job (where they just paint over anything and everything and there are lots of bumps). Old radiators that don't work so well and take forever to heat up, and they recently changed the thermostats so that the highest temperature you can set is 75F. Bugs GALORE- spiders, roaches (giant ones at that), beatles, and other misc. bugs (meanwhile we're extremely clean people). We should have known two days after we moved in when we found a giant cockroach dead in the living room! They just keep coming in through the front/back doors (we have 2), so we had to line the doors with boric acid powder (to keep our sanity..because we're terrified of them), and now they just come in and die. They have NEVER vacuumed the carpet in the hall at the apt entrances, and the stairs are filthy and full of dead bugs. There are window unit air conditioners installed below the windows, in which the edges aren't sealed properly and small bugs and spiders often come through there. Also, heres an example of the bad maintenance: One day we had a storm and it rained a lot, and our living room flooded because they hadn't cleaned the gutter. Water was just pouring in through the top of our windows in the LR, and the people upstairs- their ceiling collapsed! We called maintenance (it was a Friday night around 8PM) and they sent this guy over who practically refused to come over and fix it, and when he did, he didn't even do anything about it. He said that there was nothing he can do at that time and that they would clean the gutters the next day. Meanwhile, he couldn't even help us remove, or provide a wet vac for all the water in the LR (because he said they didn't have one). Now there are lots of water stains on the ceiling as well, and around the window sills. There are raccoons living in our bedroom wall, which we hear every early morning crawling into the wall, banging into the wall, scratching and making noises and sounds, thus not letting me sleep. I've also seen maintenance riding around in their little caddy carts with rat poison in the back which leads me to believe that people here have mice/rats as well (which after speaking to someone here and reading reviews else where, they've confirmed the mice/rats). I thought I heard some downstairs in the crawlspace squealing (those crawlspaces are often left open and are rarely closed properly). The people who are moving in here lately are gangsters and just hoodlums. I heard that they closed down some nearby Projects and that the people that lived there have been sent over here and to nearby apartment complexes. This place used to be quiet and full of mostly ------- and nice people, now it's just dangerous. Pets are supposedly not allowed, but i've seen people with Pit bulls and Rotweillers. The parking is about the only decent thing here. OMG...there are just too many nightmares..the list just doesn't end there. Now you may be wondering, why have we stayed here...honestly...because after reading and hearing about all the other apartments in the area..they don't sound any different or better. We were only willing to move to somewhere that was actually better, and so we were waiting for an available apartment in Somerset which seem the like best of them all. We're moving next week. That day can not come any sooner!! Please, for your own good, STAY AWAY FROM ROYAL GARDENS and PRINCETON GARDENS...better yet...RUN!
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Royal Gardens

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