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Deer Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2005
I really dont know where to begin on this crappy appartment complex but I will try.<br><br>1. The place smells like curry because there are so many middle eastern people here. Looks like Pakistan or India.<br><br>2. When we moved in they spray painted the refrigerator grill to look like chrome. They also spray painted the handles of the oven.<br><br>3. The maintainence staff looks shady and I think they are coming in my place while I am at work and watching TV and eating my food. I told the management and they never heard that before.<br><br>4.It takes about 3-4 hours to dry any clothing in the dryer.<br><br>5.The grounds are not well kept at all and there are nothing but little pakistani kids runnig around in their native clothes. So if you are Pakastani they I have 2 words for you....Welcome Home!!!<br><br>6. When you turn on the water in the bathroom in the morning, it smells like someone took a dump in your sink.<br><br>7. The air conditioner is horrible. They said the apartments came with Central Air. This looks like a in window air-conditioner with a hole in the wall to pass the air into the bed-room.<br><br>8. One pool for 1400 humdred apartments...in this complex there are about 10,000 Pakistanis that smell like curry and are all in the pool. How clean can that water be? Filter cant beat the smell of curry.<br><br>9. The stairs look like they are fallin apart.<br><br>10. Did I mention the curry?
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Deer Creek Apartments

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