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Pheasant Hollow



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girliegrl1723 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I have lived in building 14 of Pheasant Hollow for almost one year and am deperatly trying to find a new place to live. I have been belittled by the women at the management office and the maintenance people since the day I moved in. In the first two weeks of living there, there was a back-up in the sewer for our building and because my toilet was not installed properly, the back up was coming out under my toilet and into my bathroom. It continued to leak directly into my bedroom closet and the carpet became saturated with sewage. It took another two weeks for someone to come when they did come, they did nothing but recaulk the toilet and tell me to wait for the rug to dry. It was SEWAGE! For the first two months of this hot summer, I was without air-conditioning. I called so many times to ask for someone to come and each time the management office was rude with regard to my requests. Finally, they said someone would come the following day. When I saw no one had been there, I called and they told me the man couldn't work because my dog wouldn't let him. I have a 13 pound dog who comes up to your ankles. Are you kidding me? They couldn't have told me that the dog shouldn't be there when I called the first time? Finally the air was fixed, a week and a half later! When the maintenance man came, he told me there were only three men working both PH and Quail Ridge. I pay so much money in rent every month, they could afford to hire a decent maintenance staff and maybe even some people in the management office who didn;t just get out of prison. If you want anything done at this place, you have to go to the management office in person and threaten legal action. Children might as well run the place, because they are everywhere! Playing on your patio, looking in your window, screaming until all hours. I don't know why they even allow animals, because every tenant I come across is scared to death of them. Again, my dog is 13 pounds, as tall as your ankles, and every foriegn person I pass screams, cries and runs away from him. Please! Ugh, I hate this place and I cannot wait to move.
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Pheasant Hollow

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