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Resident 2009 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 08/02/2010
I moved in to this complex in 2009. I opted to rent what they call a "standard" apartment, non-renovated, which at the time started at $1,080/month. They've since raised the rent. They have two other options available -- they call them "phase 1" and "phase 2", with phase 2 being the most expensive. The upgraded apartments have a ceiling fan above the dining area, a dishwasher, brand new appliances, and other assorted upgrades that make the apartment look more attractive. I decided I could live without all this stuff and make do with the older appliances, lack of a ceiling fan and dishwasher, older doors, etc. The appliances in my unit are a bit dated -- upon research, the oldest among them (the stove, namely) was from around 1990. The in-wall A/C unit is also from the early '90s, and there's a newer in-wall A/C unit from this decade in the bedroom. The kitchen cabinets and under-sink cabinet in the bathroom all seem to be relatively cheap; it's very easy to imagine they were bought in bulk as flat-pack furniture. They're functional and inoffensive to look at, but really aren't anything amazing. The bathroom actually has an in-wall laundry hamper, something I suspect to be original to the apartment. I don't use it because it's quite small, but it can be used to store bathroom supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) if you get one with your apartment. Management is very good with snow removal during the winter -- if you happen to see them going around with the Bobcat, you can move your car and they'll clear your space with it. The crews have a snowblower and salt the walkways, so even during the heaviest snowfalls things aren't bad at all. In regards to TV/Internet services, you have a choice of either Cablevision/Optimum Online (cable TV/internet) or Verizon FiOS TV/Internet. My apartment came pre-wired for FiOS though I chose not to use it (it was more expensive than Cablevision) though it's nice to know the option is there. Electric is provided by PSE&G, and heat/water is included with the rent. Heat in my apartment is done through hot water baseboard heaters -- those work very well in the winter, though it's up to management as to when they turn them on or off. Upon research, it seems water is provided by a company called United Water. Since you won't be paying for it, it doesn't really matter who provides it, though the knowledge can be useful if you're interested in water quality reports and etc. As for the downsides to living here... the apartments are old, built in the late 1960s. Originally, these apartments had wood flooring throughout but now they're all carpeted. Even with the carpeting, you can still hear the wood floor creak and squeak when you walk on it. The staircase to my unit is quite narrow, so keep that in mind when looking for furniture. Another thing that's narrow -- the parking spaces. Expect door dings/scratches, especially if your neighbors don't always park in the center of their space. As you'll find in older apartments, there's no washer/dryer in the unit, so you'll have to go to one of the laundry rooms in the complex. There isn't a laundry room in my building, so I have to walk across the parking lot to get to the basement laundry room in another building. Not a big issue, just slightly annoying in bad weather. The insulation in the walls isn't great -- the apartments mirror each other, so if you're in your bedroom trying to sleep and your neighbor is in their bedroom talking to someone on the phone in a different time zone at 2 AM, you'll hear them. Likewise with neighbors who play music, especially with bass-heavy subwoofers. The kitchen sinks are metal, so regardless of which floor you live on, you'll hear your neighbor washing their dishes/pots/pans in the sink. The windows ARE double-pane, so you have two layers of glass insulating noise from the outside, but you'll still hear people talking to each other outside, car alarms chirping, etc. Also, renovations happen very often -- almost immediately after someone moves out of a "standard" apartment, they begin turning it into a phase 1 or 2, so you WILL hear the construction going on. Another noise-related nuisance is that the front doors for these apartments are very heavy, so if your neighbor slams their door it can be loud enough to make you jump. Another thing that bothers me about living here is the water -- the tap water is treated with chloramine, which means your water will taste and smell like chlorine. I use filters in the kitchen, but can't use them in the bathroom. Speaking of which, the shower has separate hot/cold taps and they're VERY sensitive. Even if you find you've gotten it at a comfortable temperature, all your neighbor has to do is flush their toilet and you'll get scalding hot water until their toilet stops running or they shut off their sink. Overall, however, this is a nice place to live. It's relatively quiet, safe, the apartments are roomy and it's pretty close to major highways (Routes 80, 17, 46, the Garden State Parkway, etc.) and shopping (the Garden State Plaza mall is right down the road). There are good restaurants nearby -- TONS of diners to choose from and great pizza places, as well as major chain restaurants like Pizza Hut, Chilis, KFC, etc. There are three chain supermarkets within minutes -- the closest is an A&P, and slightly further away is PathMark and Shop Rite. There are several parks nearby as well. I'm quite content with my decision to live here, even if it does seem like there are a lot of negatives. So far, nothing has made me want to pack up and leave, though if the rent continues to go up (as I'm sure it will -- I think they're trying to flush out the people in "standards" so they can renovate them and charge more per unit) I may just leave. While this is a nice apartment, I don't think it's worth over $1,100/month, especially when there are cheaper (though slightly lower quality) options nearby.
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