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Country Club Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2006
I stayed at Country Club Village for 1 year and that was one year too long. Let me start with the positives since there aren't many. The ONLY thing that I found was the apts were pretty spacious. Other than that, the overall experience was bad. The management is only interested in one thing -your rent check. The women in the office are extremely rude and whenever help is needed (something as simple as a general question), they tend to treat you like you are below them. I always had problems with maintenance (it took forever to get something done) as well. The apts are put together poorly, as the paint is just spread all over everything, including the power outlets (which makes something simple as ironing a task since the connection is poor). AND, unless you are a fan of bugs, this place isn't for you. At times, I felt as those the bugs should be paying rent since they were present as often as I was. The millepede's were ALWAYS crawling on the walls, floors, and in the bathroom. Also, there were cockroaches (yes, cockroaches were spotted and killed at times). I had to call the exterminator (who only comes twice a month) repeatedly for the bugs. Another issue was the LOUD train that rolls by quite often. It's not as bad in the winter (since the windows are closed and the heat is on), but it's awful in the summer. These trains run ALL THE TIME and they last about 5-7 minutes on average. The garbage piles up a lot as well and people are forced to throw their bags on the ground. The grounds are poorly kept, as there are papers and junk all over the place. As I type this, I wonder why I didn't just break the lease and leave. RENTER BEWARE, THIS PLACE IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE...
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Country Club Village

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