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Atlantis Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
The very name "Atlantis apartments" has become a byword for 'slum' in the vernacular of local communities.<br>Architecturally it is outdated and poorly conceived.<br>Each building has three levels with four units per level.<br>The individual apartments open into a common hallway- much as a cheap motel- and residents regularly smoke- not just cigarettes - in the hallways leaving piles of ashes and discarded butts on the carpeted steps, as well as inundating their neighbours apartments with foul smelling fumes. <br><br>Also the odours of cooking and laundry detergent from the communal basement laundry seep into your apartment from the hallway, and many residents cook cheap, foul smelling foods. smoke alarms often go off because some residents continuously burn what they are cooking.<br><br>Also you may be unfortunate enough-as i was- to have noisy, inconsiderate neighbours who give no care to the disturbance they cause their neighbours.<br><br>The Apartments are one or two bedroom units and are 'very' small; basically two rooms and a galley kitchen and tiny bathroom.<br>yet many residents -some on section eight flouting their contractual obligations- crowd four,five,six people in these tiny accomodations violating local housing codes.<br><br>The Complex is known as THE place in the local community to score drugs, and groups of young men can be observed skulking about the complex at all hours. The police make frequent visits to the complex on a variety of calls; mostly drug related or relating to domestic violence.<br>At the writing of this review, two of six registered sex offenders in the municipality where the Atlantis is located were registered on the state police website as residing at the Atlantis Apartments.<br><br>Communal hallways are continuously strewn with rubbish and infrequently cleaned.<br>The grounds and parking lots are always littered with garbage and even discarded furniture.<br><br>The Atlantis apartments has a contract with a local mental health organisation which actually maintains an office within the complex. There are many mentally ill clients housed at the Atlantis associated with this organisation. Though many of these clients are harmless,law abiding souls, there are also many 'recovering'drug addicts/dealers,'former'prostitutes, and dangerously psychotic individuals included in their number.<br><br>They and other residents can often be seen hanging out on their balconies playing loud music at very inappropriate hours and behaving in a crude and vulgar manner.<br><br>The longtime manager - who is: eccentric; arrogant, and unapproachable- has run what was once a nice complex full of sweet little old retired ladies and hard working families, into the premiere slum of Atlantic county new Jersey. It is generally regarded as a blight on the local community and the decent residents consider it an embarrassment to reside there.<br><br>If i have painted an impossibly negative portrait of the 'Atlantis apartments' i assure you it is all based on well known fact and from personal experience.
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Atlantis Apartments

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