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Carriage Run Apartments & Townhouses



Resident · 2009 - 2010
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I used to live here about two years ago. First off, let me start by saying that this place looked really nice on the outside. The fact that they accepted large breed dogs was a huge plus for us and we really weren't picky people. Now that that's said, our experience here was a nightmare. Debbie in the office was a brash lady. She was thorough and easy to deal with, but definitely should not be the face of any complex. We rented a renovated apartment- everything was brand new- new cheap carpets, new kitchen & bathroom- freshly painted, central air- overall, not too bad, but nothing special either. I guess my gripe really started when the weather got warm and the ants decided to move in. they were everywhere in the kitchen. I had to disinfect almost everyday, and for a new kitchen, that was really surprising. The windows were super drafty too. Our master bedroom never felt warm in the winter- thank god for heating blankets and the dogs. Our utility bill in the winter was always ranging $280-350 since we kept our heat on during the day for the dogs. The summer bill never went under $250 since we left the air on during the day for the dogs as well. The walls were super thin, you could hear everything your neighbors said. Also, after a month we noticed that one of the closets were starting to mold. After looking carefully, we noticed that it looked as if management painted over old mold instead of fixing the problem. This was really upsetting since the closet was pretty close to a heating vent which meant that we were breathing this stuff. As for the neighbors, most keep to themselves, but the people we lived near were a bunch of jerks. We were on the first floor and a family lived upstairs and they were super noisy all the time. We were always hearing children cry and yelling. X( And one old lady, who had nothing better to do chased after us yelling and screaming about how she "saw" us bring our dogs to her front door to go number two and leave it there... Seriously crazy. We ignored her since she looked like she wasnt all there since that accusation was the craziest thing I ever heard and a week later, we received a letter from management that there were "numerous complaints" of us not picking up after our dogs. Ridiculous. We always picked up after our animals and sometimes after others' since we were in an end unit and some people didn't pick up after theirs. This was especially irritating since we were two quiet, young people who kept to ourselves and followed the rules. So at the end of our lease, we had the carpets professionally cleaned, submitted the receipt to them as per the lease and moved out just as quietly as we moved in. Then when it came to the inspection of the apartment, Debbie decided to charge us over $900 for small stains on the carpet and for leaving the apartment dirty. Um, did we mention we submitted a receipt for hired cleaners? she was complaining of dog hairs and the kitchen being filthy when first off, we had dogs- they have hair, that sometimes fall out- and secondly, the kitchen looked exactly the way it did when we moved in since we barely used it to begin with and I was constantly cleaning because of the ants. Long story short, we're glad to be out of there.. We were paying to $1550 per month plus utilities for an apartment we never felt welcome or at home in. If you're going to move in, just make sure you take lots of pictures and inspect everything before you move in and before you move out.
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Carriage Run Apartments & Townhouses

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