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White Hall Gardens



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Let me preface my review by saying that I ama person who takes time to research and read reviews. When I take the time to write a review it is HONEST! I moved into whitehall a month ago and overall I am pleased. I live on the bottom floor which is carpeted. The apartments are spacious and comfortable. The main issues I have are: 1. The walls are pretty thin but depending on who your neighbors are it may not be THAT bad. This problem isnt THAT bad to where it should deter you from moving in. 2. BUGS: Now I am a scaredy cat so thankfully my fiance is around to kill bugs. I see spiders, silverfish, centipedes, and ants daily. I am not exaggerating. We kill one of these at least once a day. It freaks me out but if you are not afraid of killing these critters then you should be ok. I think the reason why there are so many insects is because the apartments are surrounded by gardens. 3. Parking can be a minor issue where as you may not necessarily get a spot right in front of your apartment building but other available spots are not THAT far away. 4. The lighting on the complex is poor but there is light in front of your door. I suggest you visit and drive through the complex at night so you can see fully what I am referring to. The pros are: 1. Maintenance is great, punctual and very helpful. The best I've seen in a while. 2. Claudia in the rental office is VERY nice; EXTREMELY helpful and I think she is a great introduction to Whitehall when you are first coming to inquire about the place. 3. I feel relatively safe. The police obviously survey the complex because they gave me a ticket two nights ago for parking near a dumpster at 12:00am so dont park by dumpsters. Safety is a bug thing for me because I will not move into a place that is not safe or clean. I am very particular about things of this nature. No place is 100% perfect but if you can deal with the bugs then I say make this your next home =)
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White Hall Gardens

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