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Leonardine Gardens



Resident · 2002 - 2008
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Office Staff
I've been seriously wondering why someone would decide that Leonardine Gardens is a great place to live... Maybe you enjoy dealing with inept management and crude maintenance crews. Would you like to have that crude maintenance crew entering your apartment on a monthly basis to install and inspect fire alarms that don't work? Would the sound of those fire alarms screeching and buzzing on a constant basic be music to your ears? Oh, you like music?! You'll be able to enjoy every note of your neighbor's music thanks to the paper thin walls! Could it be that you have an aversion to heat in the winter? Your apartment will be a lovely 65 degrees through the heart of winter thanks to the "state of the art" construction of these apartments. Are you looking to spend tons of money on electric? South River's electric costs have gone up 50% this year, so you'll be lucky there. With all of these amazing perks, how could you go wrong here?! I moved in here about 6 years ago, and I've seen this place on the decline for the past year; especially since the new management came in. It seems they really need to get their property management skills in order: the office is closed to Leonardine Gardens residents 5 out of 7 days a week, the horrendous fire alarm system I wrote about above has taken over 8 months to install and constantly requires second floor residents to completely clear out one of their bedroom closets monthly, (they'll laughably tell you a date they're coming in, which usually is three weeks after the stated date) and they're lax to respond to any kind of repair work you need done. We were given 5 days notice to comply with a new rule that 80% of the floor of a second floor must be covered; we also had to spend about $200 dollars to comply. I'm amused that they're advertising newly renovated apartments - in the 6 years I've been here my apartment was never renovated, nor have I seen other apartments being renovated. (Believe me, the apartment's shoddy construction could really benefit from a renovation.) For the price they're charging, this place isn't worth the aggravation. I'll be happy when my lease is up and I can move on.
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Leonardine Gardens

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