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Alpine Village



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
Cold and very high electric bills. As a resident you pay all utilities and everything is electric. On a one bedroom, the average electric bill is $250 a month setting your heat at 62 degrees and taking 5 minute showers. The hot water heaters are very short, not even up to your hip. As a basis for the electrical use: I have always had $15 dollar electric bills if my heat and hotwater was included. I use 5 watt lightbulbs and use the stove once a week. I have a lot of blankets to try and combat the cold. The leasing attendant is rude and barely works, so no one answers phone calls or emails. Continuing on: you pay about $65 dollars a month for water/ trash/ sewer. I barely run my shower or dishwasher and don't have a washer/ dryer of my own. The community laundry is run down and there are only 6 washers/dryers to share with the community but you pay the cost to run them if you use them and the shared water bill is on these as well as it is common area. The side walks are icy as well, throughout the winter. You can hear your neighbors talking throughout the apt (nothing is private) and they pound up and down the stairs and walk/pound everywhere. Since this is a dog friendly community, you also get the enjoyment of dogs running around the apt and that just adds to your sleep enjoyment. Dog running all night. Residents smoke inside and outside (right outside your door) the apt which adds the amazing aroma in your apt if your a non-smoker and looking to avoid second hand smoke for any health reason. The one single heater/ac in the wall brings in all smells from outside (car fumes/ cigarettes/ chiminey etc). The remaining base board "electric" heaters are really useless because the bedroom is freezing and so is the kitchen and bathroom.
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Alpine Village

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