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1221 Magie Avenue , Union, NJ 07083
1221 Magie Avenue , Union, NJ 07083

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The Crossings at Union Township

1221 Magie Avenue

Union, NJ 07083



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notignorant2014 • Resident 2004 - 2019 Not Recommended

Updated 06/25/2019

Reviewed 04/02/2015

ALL THE 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE/PAID AND I HAVE PROOF. JUST LOOK AT 6/21 REVIEW BY SOME IDIOT WHO HASN'T MOVED IN YET BUT RATED THIS OLD INFESTED FILTH 5 STARS. NEXT REVIEW WILL BE HOW AMAZING ------ IS. AND IF YOU DON'T WRITE HOW AMAZING HE IS, HE'LL CURSE AT YOU. NEVER SEEN SO MUCH -------- IN ONE SMALL PARAGRAPH. RENTERS BEWARE. JUST ASK THOSE WHO FLED FROM THIS DUMP AS OF JANUARY 26 2015 SINCE THE NEW SHITLORDS BOUGHT THIS OLD DUMP. WANT TO SEE THEIR TENANT TURNOVER RECORDS? IT CAN BE DONE. NOBODY THINKS THESE INFESTED OLD APARTMENTS ARE AMAZING. SOME GULLIBLE FOOLS MEMBERS OF 5STAR CLUB WHO GOT RENT "REDUCED" IN EXCHANGE FOR BS 5 STAR REVIEWS STILL GET ROBBED AND OWNED HERE. DON'T YOU IDIOTS UNDERSTAND THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS AND SHOULD BE DEMOLISHED???!!! NOTHING WILL SAVE IT. SCUMLORDS WILL HAVE TO PAY TENANTS TO STAY HERE AND POST BS 5 STAR REVIEWS. The worst, greediest, disgusting scum partners landlords, a huge network of LLCs. Buyers, investors, management of residential properties, overdevelopers of land all over the east and now west coast, international real estate criminals. Since they bought this dump on January 26, 2015 they've actually made ZERO improvements and managed to make everything a lot worse. Nothing but problems and inconveniences for tenants. What a bunch of money grabbing criminals. They belong in prison. Probably lie to their investors like they lie to their tenants. There's a reason why the old slumlord partners kept the rent low and only increased once every 7 years. Fieldstone clearly pulled these ludicrous rent prices out of their greedy asses. There's no such thing as market value. There's no such thing as "reasonable 4%" rent increase when the property condition does not allow any kind of rent increase or high rent in general. What these real estate scammers do is falsely advertise "luxury" or "luxurious living" and when tenants move in they realized they got scammed. It's called a violation or breech and tenants can get out any time without paying anything, and also can get their money back. The statute of limitation is 6 years. I've witnessed and heard some people came to move in but realized they weren't getting what they were promised and this dump is actually worthless so they walked away. A few words about this disgusting overdeveloped overpopulated concrete jungle Union township or more like a city. Apparently there are elected? public employees that decide for 20+% renters what's "reasonable" and pass ordinances against renters to allow these huge greedy LLCs landlords to charge whatever they want. Hence ILLEGAL!!! 4%, 10-30% or more rent increases every year. Combine that with high property taxes for home owners, quality of life complaints, high crime rate. This dump is finished. Tenants went to the health, building departments, town attorney, committee meeting. Always get the usual runaround. Nobody wants to do anything around here. Explains why they are referred to as town mafia. They are with the big landlords, not small tenants. That's going to be a different topic. All of them should be boycotted. Now back to Fieldstone. Hasn't anyone taught them when they rob people, people will rob them back??? One property at a time, from Florida to upstate NY, and everywhere they stick their greedy noses. Soon the entire planet will know what greedy scum they are! Truly live up to their reputation. Time to get your money back, people! Got an illegal rent increase 4-10+%? Had your/visitor's car towed? Had your car tires punctured as a result of their stupid "renovation" or other damage to your property? Save your records. File in small claims/special civil. There are other ways. BOYCOTT THIS DISGUSTING TOWN AND THESE GREEDY PARTNERS-FAMILIES LLCs SLUMLORDS AND THEIR PARTNERS/LENDERS! More info is coming soon. They are even hated in their own community in Monsey, NY. See YELP for more info and photos. Ignore ALL 4-5 star reviews. They are all fake/paid. I have proof. Don't believe any of this? Go ahead and sign the lease. You'll regret later.
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The Crossings at Union Township Manager04/03/2017

We notice that this response was from 2 years ago and wanted to update you with all the amazing new features and property enhancements we have made: -Landscape upgrades -Façade Painting -Dental Molding -Building Pressure Washing -Shutters -Front and Rear Hallway upgrades which include the installation of new carpet, bullnoses, linoleum, chair rails and two-toned painting, -Replacement of all exterior light fixtures -Painting all front doors with the installation of Brass Kick plates, Numbers and Door Bells. -Upgrades to both the building signage as well as community signage. We also upgraded our apartment homes to include beautifully designed eat in kitchens and baths with granite countertops, mahogany cabinets, silver midst appliances, which include a microwave, stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Our newly renovated homes also include in unit W/D, under mount sinks, recessed lighting, soak in garden tubs, and decorative ceramic tiled floors and back splashes. We would love to speak with you in detail in regards to transfer options that are available to you. Please reach us at your earliest at 908-349-2094. We hope to change your mind.

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The Crossings at Union Township

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