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The Crossings at Union Township

1221 Magie Avenue

Union, NJ 07083



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sunnykornbluth • Resident 2011 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/17/2017
DO NOT RENT HERE, THE MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO HEART, THEY TOW YOUR CAR, THEY ARE SLUMLORDS. THEY ARE GETTING KICK BACKS FROM ALL ENDS. IF YOU RENT HERE YOU WON'T STAY LONG AS ALL NEW TENTANTS ARE LOOKING TO MOVE OUT *The absolute worst management ever!!! Do not rent here you will be so sorry!! Apartments and service is horrible, all they care about is money, not tenants. They raise your rent 10% to 30% each year! They send people out to tow cars - so they can get a kick back. At night you have guys that come out wearing all black clothing with flash lights looking to tow off cars & then it cost you like $300 to get your car back, even know there are enough parking spots, EVEN THOUGH THESE ARE TENTANTS & no one really complains about parking (although it was so much better before these people bought the complex) they tow off their own tenants without a care just to make money. You can't have visitors because there is no were to park & if someone visits you especially at night if they park on the grounds be certain that car will be towed away. Its obvious they get a kick back on towing etc. or they would not do what they do! They are blood sucking scum. They try their hardest to make people move so they can rent to a new tenant & raise the rent. These people are slumlords. I don't even know how these people that work here can sleep at night (no heart) as they are ruthless & heartless. Don't bother calling for service or anything else they never return your call. Oh & if you buy a new car they charge u a $100 for a sticker. If you chose to rent here it will be your worse nightmare!!!! The management is the the worst of the worst I do not know of any happy or satisfied tenant since Fieldstone took over. The ground never looked so bad until they took over.
The Crossings at Union Township Manager11/18/2017

We're sorry to hear about your experience. We always want to be easy to do business with. We will look into the issues mentioned about towing and parking. We value our residents and want to create a community that you're happy to call home. Your happiness is our number one priority. We hope to earn your approval back and will work hard to change your mind. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Your voice is heard.

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The Crossings at Union Township

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