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The Crossings at Union Township

1221 Magie Avenue

Union, NJ 07083



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/20/2019
I am not happy with this place, I would not recommend this place to anyone, especially if you don't want to have stress, as I am sure work and life is stressful enough. You would like to come home to an actual place where you don't have to worry about things getting done in your apartment. I would like to begin with fackio (because he curses and treats people with such disrespect if you dont give him a 5 star rating) he is not a good maintenance/super.It takes him hours to reach people, to help them with their issues in the apt. When he does, he gives no eye contact, and acts like your bothering him,and walks around in your sanctuary, like he pays your rent on a monthly basis. He likes to look around and snoop when he enters your apartment. He has only one job, to dial a number so that others work for him. About the parking , there are 3 non working cars, in parking spaces, all day no one does anything about these cars. In the street parking there is an abandoned large white van that is taking up 3 spaces, says "detailing" on it. Yes its been parked there for years. Also another car that has a tarp on it has been abandoned for years. At least 4. Everything in the apt. is made cheaply. Appliances are used broken, the apts are very small, to be luxury. Anyone can by a cheap refigerater and make the cheap countertops, and cheap floors and call it luxury. I will be calling the managers directly, I will not deal with maintenence directly ,because of lack of skills, trust, and misconduct, ----- is also maintenence, he should be the head honcho as he is very kind and very professional. There is a giant pot hole as you are entering these "luxury apts" That was never fixed, You cannot see the lines to where you are parking they are so faded. They sent letters saying that they were going to make improvements, ???? A large dumpster sits in one of the parking lots, also a mini box for I dont know what storage sicks in plain view of somones apt, they cannot even see the lovely trees. There is dog feces all over the grass, sidewalks piling up because of lazy people walking their dogs, and not picking it up. The laundry room smells like mold , gas, and the machines are sickening and dont even work. Management staff keep leaving , because they know how disgraceful this place is. I recommend, that anyone that wants to live in luxury and pay the high rent, move into a place that has newly been built , that you would be glad to pay, 2000 plus. Even if you rent a home its yours and you wouldnt mind paying the rent , as most homes go for 1700 or a bit more , but you dont have to deal with mindless arrogance, rudeness, and lack of experience. I am really surprised at the 5 star mal informed reviews as maintenence/ super fackio, has to ask people to place a good review about this 1945 built apartment complex, that's all it is , an apt complex, named The village apartments , before the crossings. Not luxury, not professional in any way. Except for the managers that come and go, leaving their jobs in Chatham, because they smell a large sewer fish. I will be calling soon, to get everything done in my apartment, and there are many jobs to be taken care of, But I will be going straight to management, not maintence. also 4 or 5 Stars are false reviews, as I have written everything that is true, come and take a look for yourself, I guarantee you will run the other way..... FAST.
The Crossings at Union Township Manager03/25/2019

Thank you for taking the time to review our community. We are disappointed to read that we are not meeting your expectations and we would like to discuss the issues your experiencing. We do encourage you to reach out to the management team. You can either stop by our office or give us a call at (866) 358-2271 so that we can address your concerns in more detail. Your opinion and happiness is important to us. Thank you.

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The Crossings at Union Township

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