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Avalon West Long Branch



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
I miss my apartment :( I recently had to relocate out of state for my job. I loved this community and my apartment. I'm not sure why it is a surprise to some people that Avalon prefers to be paid on time otherwise they charge fees?!? Seriously?!? How dare they!! Wanting us to fulfill the terms of the lease contract that we signed by actually paying the rent when it is due? That's just just not fair! Really? I kept my apartment very clean and was aware of any charges before I moved out. The managers personally came to my apartment and reviewed everything with me. The estimate I was given was even a little more than what I ended up getting charged. I thought it was very fair. I also went through 2 renewals with Avalon. I was told when I leased that the renewal rates are based on supply and demand and that there was a good chance that the rate could go up if the demand is higher. As much as I didn't love having a 3% increase, I was not willing to go to an older, run down private rental or a pricey beach front apt over it. I always appreciated the personal treatment at this complex. The maintenance guys were great and the office was always friendly and helpful. I already miss my neighbors. I made some really great friends during the past 2 years. Working at a law firm, I was already aware that any apartment complexes that are new in Monmouth County, have to have a small percentage of affordable housing units. I was curious about the program so instead of listening to rumors and spreading false information, I went to the office and asked about it! (I know, what a concept) It turns out that anyone who makes less than $60,000 per year is eligible for affordable housing. So if I am a paralegal, making $55,000 per year and I qualify for this program, that means I am gonna cause problems for my apartment community? I was also told that everyone who lives here had to pass the same credit background requirements whether they are in the affordable program or not. The information about affordable housing is available online, for anyone to see. Instead if making assumptions that are no doubt racially fueled, the gossip mongers should probably make sure they have all the facts before spreading misinformation When I learned about my new position at work that required me to relocate, I was so stressed out about having to break my lease. I was worried I would have to pay a ridiculous fine or worse, ruin my credit! I felt so much better after talking with Marie and Sarah at the office. They took the time to explain all of my options and when I decided to opt to have them try to re-rent my apartment, they contacted me regularly to keep me updated until they found a new tenant. I didn't have to pay any fees to break my lease and unlike the other reviewers on here who probably trashed their apartments, I got a significant amount of my deposit back. My new apartment is nice but the office does not go out of their way to be personable or helpful like they did at Avalon. Besides the pool, gym, and my own washer/dryer, I will miss the people who made my first apartment experience so great the most! I usually don't write online reviews but when I saw some of the negative comments, I thought it would be fair to share my experience :)
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Avalon West Long Branch

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