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Madison Court Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
Should one rent at Madison Court? I say emphatically, NO! Let's see......Poor management, loud tenants, old, outdated, apartments, a stinky sewage company in the back of the apartment complex that causes the air surrounding the complex to smell like a toxic bowel movement all day, everyday. The property owner and property manager are the most unprofessional, unethical, and callous, I have ever experienced. They are the pits. The worst I've ever seen. I have experienced them completely ignoring multiple written and verbal notices regarding very serious issues affecting my tenancy and my family. They NEVER responded ---very unprofessional. What kind of management staff does that? The kind that have absolutely no regard for the well being of their tenants. Their only concern is money. Which is completely backwards. Any smart business person understands that if you take good care of your customers, money will flow in abundance into your business. If you don't, failure is inevitable. There has been a stabbing in this complex, resulting in a death of a young male, and a tenant arrested for allegedly molesting children in the complex. Management never informed my family and I nor did they call a meeting with the tenants to discuss the matter and attempt to give any safety tips. They said nothing leaving us all "in the dark" and vulnerable to danger. Murder and child molestation...two very good reasons to call a community meeting. Oh yeah, management would have to actually CARE about the tenants for that to happen. Suspicious persons often gather under a specific tree in the back until late hours on warm evenings. I have,at times,smelled marijuana. The police make runs/checks through the apartment complex, but it is most often in the daytime, not at night. Police cars and ambulances being seen in the apartment complex are commonplace. The apartments are old and have no dishwasher, no central air conditioning, no washer and dryer in or allowed in the units, no pool for the tenants to enjoy. Yuck! What an inconvenience! There is a sewage company directly in back of the apartment complex that is the cause of a perpetual stench that permeates the entire apartment. They make constant,loud,irritating, noise that begins very early in the morning and lasts all day.(loud trucks,drilling, etc.) Good luck to any mother trying to put her baby down for a nap! The sewage company was probably the cause of the rodent invasion within Madison Court Apartments. In my opinion, Rodents will always be a risk for tenants as long as the sewage company remains in the back of the apartment complex. I have had to call management multiple times in order to have repairs completed in my apartment. Management, particularly the property owner and manager, is a total disgrace. I honestly would spend my rent money elsewhere. Management is very frustrating to deal with. I strongly recommend prospective tenants to bypass Madison Court. It's not worth your money or the aggravation.
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Madison Court Apartments

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