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Madison Court Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
All homes have their problems, but this is place is not good. I found a drug needle in the bushes, and the managment can do nothing about the drugs. A child could have picked that up and got AIDS. There is a sewage center in the back of the complex, so we cannot open our windows during the summer or the stink will come in the apartment. We can never find a parking spot because the management is too cheap to assign parking spots. So we have to always park far away. The people who pay rent there should have a parking spot in front of their building. The buildings look like their falling apart, their is mildue in the bathrooms. Mice and bugs are a constant issue here. The floors sqeak with every movement. The airconditioners barely help during the summer. We pay a gas bill, but we do not get a bill from the gas company. It comes from some agency that divides the bill with everyone. So, if you do not use your gas, you still have to pay for it. That is not right! The amount that we pay for gas is sometimes more than my friends pay for a house's gas bill. If you want comcast as your cable provider, it will be hard to get the internet and cable in bedrooms. This is because the apartments are already hooked up to verizon, and comcast is not allowed to drill any holes to put in cable. The only thing comcast can give you is cable in the livingroom, no internet, no bedroom cables. The apartment complex will not let them. The complex gets very loud during the summer, especially with boom box cars! Anytime you complain to the management, they skirt around the isssue. These people do not care about their tenants, they care about money. The playground cannot even be used because it is infested with wasps. Police are constantly coming in and out of this place because something happened. There is a lot of domestic arguments that tend to go outside and you can hear everything. There is not specific place for visitors to park, so therefore you do not get a parking space. Also, a child pedifile lives in this place, and the management never told anyone that moved in here that there was one here! This is ridiculious! I would have at least wanted to know that! Do not live here, it is a pain and you can get a house for the same amount of money!
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Madison Court Apartments

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