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Madison Court Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
this apt complex has gone to sh**. Since the new manager came she was more concerned in filling the apts then she was with whom she was filling the apts with. i lived in this complex 10 years in the 80s. i moved back in 2009 and stayed 2 years. for 2 years i had to put up with a drunk. i complained was told to call the cops i did several times. for 2 years i kept being told oh we are working on getting him evicted. well it was a bunch of crap. the guy harassed me stalked me. and it was me and child i was scared to even take my child outside to play with out having another adult with me cause the guy is a drunk and drug addict. i got to the point that i moved out for the fear of the safety of me and my child. mind u hes still there still causing problems. why cause his rent is paid by the state. so they allow him to get away with everything cause his rent his guarnteed. i wouldnt recommend anyone to live in this place until the new manager and the owner start getting rid of the problems she has allowed to move in. she dont care cause she dont have to live there. the apts are old walls are paper thin. the floors are caving in. the roofs leak. the heating bills are bull crap. and if you live on a end unit be prepared to pay a bill that u would pay for a house. why cause your told well if u live in a end unit your bill is higher cause you dont have ur neighbors helping to keep ur apt warm. no its cause there is no installation in the walls that why. and as far as living below someone pray they tip toe around there apartment otherwise its gonna sound like a army marching above your head cause the only thing between u and the upstairs neighbor is sheetrock thin plywood carboard and carpet. yes carboard there way of trying to dampen the sound guess what it dont work. So Stay Far away from this place. i have found needles laying on the ground baggies broken beer bottles everywhere. the smell from the mua well thats just whole nother problem. and the prices they ask for these apts are high and theres no pool like some places u can find cheaper. there is nothing for the kids to do that playground is a joke and half the time the kids cant even play cause the adults are hanging around it drinking partying.
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Madison Court Apartments

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