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Madison Court Apartments



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Lorraine is a terrible property manager. Any time we reported a problem to her, it had to be reported multiple times before it would be handled. We were promised to have maintenance out "by tomorrow" MULTIPLE times and we'd sometimes wait weeks before we saw anyone. We had complained about the roof leaking, light switches and outlets not working, electric not working (for multiple days during the summer which meant no AC and no lights), the ovens not working, AND MOUSE DROPPINGS!!! Each time we had to make reports multiple times and went days without help. Every time we'd be greeted with the excuse that Lorraine was "on vacation" or "must have forgotten" or "had a lot on her plate." That's great but we were paying to live here. She had a terrible attitude and was not helpful at all. Hope, on the other hand, was a God sent. She's fabulous at her job and is a very kind and helpful woman. Each time we spoke to her and had complaints, they were handled immediately and she was always sure to follow up with us to make sure the problem was handled and we were satisfied. We didn't receive our full security deposit back either because of a painting and carpet cleaning fee. We were told we had to repaint if we had painted any walls (we had not and walls were in the same condition they were when we moved in) and to clean the carpets. We rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpets as we were asked to get STILL received less than half of our security deposit for the fees we were specifically told would NOT BE CHARGED if we had the original paint color on the walls and cleaned the carpets. The walls had damage to them (scrapes in the wall, discoloration, cracks), the hall closet was broken (completely off the track and unable to open or close without it falling on you- also NEVER fixed despite being complained about) and the shelving on the fridge door were broken and taped on with scotch tape. This place is an absolute JOKE, the neighbors are terrible and make the entire place reek of marijuana. I would never rent from this company again and have made sure to tell ALL of my friends and family members to never rent from there as well. I will most definitely be calling their corporate number and attempting to get the rest of my security deposit back that I was promised. If I could rate it 0 stars I most definitely would.
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Madison Court Apartments

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