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Mountain Run Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
In 6 months, the water was turned off with little or no notice 6 to 7 times. Sometimes it is off all day.<br><br>Management staff is rude after you sign your lease.<br><br>Leasing Office closes too early for residents to speak with them after getting home from work.<br><br>Appliances are out-dated and broken.<br><br>My apartment appears as though it has never been repainted. Maintenance refused to re-paint.<br><br>Several maintenance requests from move-in-day have not been completed (after 7 months).<br><br>Leasing office does not answer the telephone during regular business hours.<br><br>This complex is no longer listed on the management company's corporate website. Email to corporate office was returned undeliverable.<br><br>Only one entrance/exit. Lots of traffic through the parking lot. Residents do not obey posted speed limits or stop signs. Many residents with very loud vehicles coming in and out at all hours.<br><br>Management does not properly clear the sidewalks, stairs, & parking lots after snowfall. Plan on purchasing your own shovel & salt.<br><br>Very poorly insulated. Heating/cooling bills have been outrageous for an apartment this size.<br><br>Roof leaked and caused a large water-stain on the bedroom ceiling. Maintenance s solution? Re-paint just the stain with stain killing primer (no paint). Looks hideous.<br><br>Attic access panel in my bedroom closet ceiling lets in a huge amount of cold air in the winter. Also, not sure if it allows access to the apartment next door or not. Possible security concern.<br><br>Peeling poor quality vinyl flooring. At some point they painted over the wallpaper in the bathroom & kitchen. That's just plain lazy and looks horrible. Also, missed places in the bathroom and you can just see the wallpaper showing through.<br><br>Shot-glass sized clothes washer. Possibly the first stack-unit ever made. It leaks all over the bathroom floor each time I do laundry.<br><br>Problems with un-posted/improperly posted rent payments. I received an undeserved eviction notice (in violation of FHA law) posted on my door for all of my neighbors to see.<br><br>Water/refuse charges are allocated for the whole property. They come in the mail and are due with the next rent payment. Usually there is only 3 to 4 days from receipt to the payment due date.
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Mountain Run Apartments

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